One very lucrative job today is in Public Relations Measurement in New York. This is because of the way that business has changed and so has the way we communicate with the public. It used to be that we could just pick up a newspaper or listen to the daily news and find out what was going on with a particular company. Now, the public has so many outlets with which to speak to a company and be heard in a way that they could not before. In the old times you wrote a letter to the owner or to corporate and expressed either disdain or satisfaction. Now you hop on any of the 300 or more social networking accounts and there you have it, instant contact.

People expect instant feedback; they feel there is someone right there at all times live, to answer their questions and give them feedback or just to give them an ear for their frustrations. As unrealistic as that is, in order to have a business that thrives, you have to seem as if you are there all the time.  This is one of the grand illusions you must perpetrate to keep the public happy or otherwise you will be putting out fires everywhere and the job will get old quickly.

Tips to good Public Relations Measurement

•    Set goals you can measure: Companies love to pressure themselves and their PR people into getting results fast but many take too much of a “just make it happen’ attitude. The way to make things effective here is to make goals that are clear and concise. ‘I want to measure the public reaction to our latest product’ would be a good example.

•    Use both Quantitative and qualitative measurements: Using both shows off the public ROI.

•    Use a clipping service as an extra hand: This will help you branch out in your Public Relations Measurement New York.

•    Do not use impressions or AVE alone! : These are advertising equivalencies and they do not work at all. You can use them as a larger program of measurement but never alone, there are too many variables.

Tips to developing a Public Relations Measurement team for small business:

These tips will show you short and sweet how to build a targeted team of dedicated PR employees that will take your business to new heights. The advice here is to break up the team into departments with separate reports and a culture that flows easily.

•    Make a team dedicated to non-online reporting: this means a clipping service team that scours periodicals and newspapers for your company name and your competitors.

•    Make a team dedicated to social media only and only choose the top few so that you don’t need to waste time in repeated news that may reach 5 people. Only focus on the millions of people that will see the news.

These steps are a simple and easy way to make sure you are organized and ready to go with the best in Public Relations Measurement New York.