Relaxing at the end of a long day is easy when you have access to the global entertainment enterprise known as Netflix. As a platform which dominates the online streaming scene, subscribers can have access to loads of films and popular TV shows which cover a wide range of different niches and interests.

Watching Netflix at home is simple after you create an account and sit back to watch that film you haven’t seen in ages. But what about when you’re out and about?


What devices can use Netflix?


Pretty much any device can allow you to access your Netflix account. Specific mobile phone apps are available so you can watch your favorite shows wherever you are in the country. These apps store the same data as you would see on your TV back at home so you can just pick up and carry on from where you last left off.

Some TVs have Netflix services already built into the system and just require you to pay the subscription in order to use the service. If you haven’t used Netflix before there are often offers for a free trial.

Why can’t I see the same shows as other countries?


Once upon a time, there was a lot of content which could be accessed from any account holder under the Netflix umbrella. However, now the access to certain shows is very much controlled by geographical parameters. If you are in France you can’t watch US Netflix content and if you’re in the UK you can’t watch netflix italia.

Frustrating as it is, it’s the way the platform works to tailor programs to the specific audiences in each set geographical location.

Is there a way around geographical barriers?


The plain answer is yes. In order to watch the Netflix shows on a different country’s set up, like netflix italia, you will need a vpn. A vpn is a virtual private network which acts like a robust security guard for your devices. Adding extra security levels, the system allows you to surf the Internet safely and privately with enhanced features to keep hackers and cyber attackers out of your personal business.

Choosing the right vpn provider plays a vital role for the ability to watch netflix italia in other countries. The chosen vpn provider will need to have servers in that said country. When you sign up to the provider you are required to choose a server, an Italian one, and you will then be provided with a unique IP address which will allow you to access and watch all the shows you want on netflix italia.

The IP address tells the broadcasters where you are accessing the service from. If you try to access the Italian service from an IP address from the UK you may simply be faced with an error message which informs you the content is not available. By using an Italian IP address netflix italia is all yours.