Over the last 15 years, the number of students attending a charter school has increased by over 300 percent. Approximately 300 new charter schools open annually while others expand greatly. If you are thinking about opening a charter school, then consider these steps:

Want To Start Your Own Charter School? 4 Steps To Get It up & Running

Find Your Inspiration

There will be many long days as you prepare to open your charter school, so it is important to find a source of inspiration. Some parents and public school teachers open charter schools to counter the low expectations found at many schools. Others want to promote a particular idea such as those charter schools operated by religious groups. Still, others believe that students learn better when certain types of instruction are provided such as Montessori, Waldorf and Core Knowledge. Once you find your key inspiration, then get others excited about your ideas.

Write Grants

While you may be able to keep your school operating on student tuition, you will need initial funding. Therefore, you will need to write lots of grants. Start by identifying sources that are likely to be interested in funding a charter school in your area. Obtain and read the guidelines carefully as most have very strict deadlines and other rules that you must meet. Write the grant or hire a professional to write it for you. Proofread the information carefully, and make sure to submit all parts in time for consideration.

Hire Staff

Know requirements for teaching in a charter school. Some require the same requirements for teaching in a public school. Others have fewer requirements allowing you to choose successful professionals. Regardless, looking for staff early often allows you to hire the best. Ask questions during the interview to make sure that the staff that you hire aligns with the mission statement of your charter school.

Build the School

Construction of schools often takes a long time. You’ll need to hire a variety of contractors like builders, foundation layers and boring contractors, like those from Robar Boring Contractors Pty Ltd, to lay the foundation. Hire contractors to build the building. Unless you have lots of construction experience, you may want to consider hiring a general contractor and let them hire others like plumbers and electricians that are needed. Remember that it can take from 25 to 52 months to construct a school.

Use these ideas to start your own charter school. While many make lots of money, the real reward is in providing a quality education to students. Remember that the world’s strength relies on students getting a good education.