Both men and women have the urge of getting rid of unwanted hairs of their bodies. As a man, you may desire to remove hair from your face, chest, pubic area, and neck among other body parts. However, most men concentrate on removing unwanted hair from their face unless they belong to professions like Body Building, Sports, and modeling. Unlike men, women enjoy having a body that is completely free from hair.

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Modern inventions have led to several methods of removing unwanted hairs. You can choose to go for permanent or temporary hair removal techniques depending on your gender. Some of these techniques need the services of professionals while you can carry out others from the comfort of your home. Temporary hair removal techniques include waxing, sugaring, threading, plucking, depilatories or hair removal creams, and shaving.

Shaving can be said to be the first hair removal technique that was invented by humanity. It remains to be the easiest approach of removing unwanted hair to date. All you need is a razor blade, shaving gel or cream. Shaving can remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. The second approach that came after shaving is the use of hair removal creams or depilatories. This technique targets women as they feel uncomfortable to shave other body areas other than the legs and hands. Like shaving, you can apply creams to any body part from the comfort of your home.

Plucking is the third method of safely removing unwanted hair from home. Plucking allows you to pull out hair one by one from the root or shaft. This approach is ideal for smaller areas such as eyebrows. The method is time-consuming and may damage the hair follicles if you continuously practice it for an extended period. In fact, plucking may end up stopping the re-growth of hair.

Threading is the fourth hair removal technique that is specially designed for shaping eyebrows. You have to roll twisted cotton threads over the untidy hairlines as you pluck out the unwanted hair. However, only allow a professional to do the threading because a simple mistake can cost the shape of your eyebrows. It has no chemical elements and the redness that appears will vanish after a short time. The fifth temporary hair removal technique is sugaring. It is an all-natural approach designed from food-delivered ingredients such as lemon juice, water, and sugar. Sugaring removes hair follicles from the roots and the results can last up to six weeks. You can apply either cold of warm paste on the unwanted hair and grab the strips with your hand to remove the hair.

The last method that closely resembles sugaring is waxing. Most women like to apply this method in the Bikini area. It pulls all the unwanted hair from the roots and the results can last up to six weeks. The expert applies heated wax towards the direction of hair growth. He then rubs it a few times to make it smooth and presses it to the hairs. This allows him to pull out the unwanted hairs using a cloth strip. You need to confirm the temperature of the wax to avoid any burns. The process comes with some pain but this discomfort lasts for a short period. Make sure you get a certified cosmetologist while waxing in thousand oaks.