5 Tips to Help You Quit SmokingSmoking is a habit that still consumes many people. The health risks are more apparent today than ever and more and more people are willing to finally quit. However, quitting is an uphill battle for everyone and cannot be done without a little help.

There have been many theories that people use to try to quit smoking, but just like anything else, there is no miracle drug that can replace the dedication and discipline it takes to quit smoking. If you are ready to kick the habit, here are five proven methods that have been successful for most to help you quit smoking.

Use a nicotine-replacement therapy

Trying to quit cold turkey can be a recipe for disaster for most people trying to quit smoking. Using a nicotine replacement instead of cigarettes can slowly reduce your daily intake and help you fight cravings. Many people have found success with a patch or gum, but new products like Vape It Now have been a great new way to quit smoking without all the toxic chemicals of cigarettes. Find the method that works for you and stick with the suggested regimen, or whatever your doctor suggests.

Use all the support you can find

Asking for help to try to quit smoking is something that no one will fault you for. Everyone can get excited about your desire to live a healthier life, and more often than not, they will want to help. Use every friend, support group, doctor, therapist and any other person that might help you reach your goals.

If you still have people in your life that are not supportive of your decision to quit smoking, try to avoid them. This may sound harsh, but you cannot afford to have anything or anyone getting in the way of your goal.

Stop temptation before it starts

Think about the times and situations when you most often want to have a cigarette. Write those situations down in a journal and try to think of why you want a cigarette in those situations. Understanding your cravings will help you better avoid and prevent them.

Once you understand your triggers for craving cigarettes, you can begin to change your lifestyle to avoid those triggers. If you need a cigarette while you drink at a bar with friends, avoid drinking for a few weeks until the cravings reduce.

Change your diet and exercise routine

A healthy diet and regular exercise is not only crucial for an overall healthy life, it can also help you quit smoking faster. Add more veggies and fruits to your diet and try to eat less salty foods. Whenever you have a craving, go for a quick walk or spend some time at your gym. The cravings will subside and you will a more fit and healthy body after it all.

Find a new activity to replace smoking

Smoking becomes a past time for many of us, activity we look forward too. By finding a different, healthy and productive activity that you can look forward to that can replace smoking will reduce your need to smoke and give you a sense of accomplishment that smoking cannot provide. So finish that deck you were building or finally start knitting.

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