Siddha medicine is a traditional medicine that helps in treating a number of health related issues. This treatment helps in providing you with very good solutions for all chronic disorders. If you visit the clinic of any reputed doctor treating patients with Siddha Medicine then you will be able to see how this medicine helps in transforming the life of many patients.

Pankaj Naram is one such doctor who is regarded as the Master healer and treats patients using these ancient healing techniques. There are number clinics of this reputed doctor. He is one of the most recognized doctors providing “marma chikitsa” and has been treating patients for the last 25 years without any type of surgery.

Services Provided by Dr. Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation

Apart from providing patients with exceptionally good healing techniques. This reputed doctor also has a foundation in his name and here he provides hope to people who have lost all hopes. He has treated as many as 3500 couples suffering from infertility. This reputed doctor, with his reputed treating techniques has also treated patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. He ensures that his patients are able to receive the best treatments without using any kind of surgery or chemotherapy. He ensures that his patients are able to lead a vibrant and colorful life.

The Siddha Medicine was discovered by the personal physician of Lord Buddha who created a Siddha veda society where interested students could learn the art and science of this ancient medicine. This reputed doctor has also been a part of a number of interesting projects and you can go through the discussion below to get an idea about the different humanitarian projects undertaken by him:

  • He has provided more than 350 HIV patients throughout India absolutely free of cost. He has treated patients using the ancient herbal formulas that have been properly tested in the laboratories.
  • He is also associated with a nonprofit organization of New York whose sole profit is to think about the wellbeing of people. In the 9/11 attack there were a number of people who were exposed to a lot of toxins. They ensure that all these patients are able to get the best treatments.
  • Dr. Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation also provides medical help and education to a number of schools in order to ensure that the children are able to enjoy good health along with a good job.

Dr. Naram says that the medicines that are used in the ancient healing techniques have been properly tasted and are more than 2500 years old. These medicines have been tested a number of times in the last thousand years and are therefore capable of providing you with a vibrant body, mind and emotions. In his clinic he is able to treat a complex medical health condition like that of prostate cancer. There are several examples where the patients have not got proper treatments and after visiting the clinic of this reputed doctor they have been able to get the best treatment at the most affordable rate.