Finding a job is stressful. Not only do you first have to wow a potential employer with a great cover letter and resume, but you then have to truly impress them with your interview skills.

Instead of being nervous during your interview or simply hoping that it goes well, learn the tips and tricks to help you walk into your next job interview with confidence.

Know what you bring to the Position

If you are going to an interview, you already won half the battle. Now, you just need to make them realize that choosing you would be the right decision. Make sure you look over the qualifications and expectations they placed on the job posting, and then determine exactly what you bring to the position. Make sure you know exactly how your education and experience have prepared you for this role and what you could do to improve it. This company wants someone that will bring something to the table, so give them a reason to want you.

Research the Common Interview Questions

Most companies use a standard set of interview questions, so be sure to research the most common interview questions and how to best answer them. This way, you will be better prepared to answer the questions and won’t spend too much time thinking about your answers or giving a poor answer. While you will never be sure if the interviewer will actually ask the questions, it’s still a good idea to prepare for the most common questions, as it’s likely the interviewer will ask similar questions.

Study the Company

It’s very important that you do your homework and research the company. Every interviewer is going to ask you what you know about the company and the position, so it’s very impressive to actually know something about the company. Research everything you possibly can about the company, not only where it stands now but also where it came from. You could also use the information you found during your research to ask great questions at the end of your interview. This will greatly impress the interviewer and improve your chances of getting a second interview or landing the job.

Study the Interviewer

When you are notified about your interviewer, ask the individual whom exactly you will be interviewing with. This will allow you to do your research on this person. You can review their bio on the company’s website, or you could also research their LinkedIn page. Knowing a little bit about the interviewer will help you determine what they may be looking for or allow you to find ways to personally connect with them.

Have a List of Questions to Ask

At the end of every interview, the interviewer will typically ask if you have any questions. It’s very important that you do. These can be questions based on the specific position you’re applying for, or they can be related to the company as a whole. Write down a list of questions you want answered, and be sure to bring them with you. Your interviewer will be impressed that you are organized with a list and also impressed that you did your homework and have questions to ask.

Practice Interviewing with a Friend

Practicing your interview is another great way to build confidence. Write down a list of questions for a friend that you would expect to be asked during the interview, and have your friend act like the interviewer. Tell your friend to also adlib their interview questions. This will ensure you practice a variety of questions and possible experiences, which will prepare you for any type of interview.

Do General Interview Research

Gaining confidence for your interview also requires you to do some research on basic interviewing techniques and skills. Do your research to learn how to dress, what to bring, how to act, and anything else you may need to perform a successful interview. The more you are prepared, the more confidence you will have.

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