At the very meeting point of the mighty Bow and Elbow Rivers sits Calgary city, serene and quite a sight to see. With numerous skyscrapers, the city is a sight to see, ideal for tourism and adventures. Being Canada’s center of the oil industry, the city’s economy and jobs have for centuries been skewedtowards the oil industry.

Employment Trends

Calgary city boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. According to Statistics Canada, the city’s unemployment index is at 4.9%, the lowest in decades. This is far below the national projection of 7.9%.This is to say that it is much easier to secure a job in Calgary than in any other city in Alberta.

The leading sectors of this city’s economy include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Hotel & tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Sports and entertainment

Oil & Gas Sector

This is one of the age-old industries in the city. Several years after the great diversification of late 1980’s, the sector still stands aloof as one of the best in job creation and employment. Some of the best paid and highly demanded professionals are in this industry. Some include:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Mining engineers
  • Petroleum engineers

In brief, engineering related jobs are highly in demand in the city’s oil and gas industry. They pay very well for excellent services rendered.

Hotel & Tourism Industry

Needless to mention, the geographical location, the skyscrapers and Calgary stampede are all but a few in the list of attraction in the city. According to recent survey reports, Calgary receives up to 3 million tourists every year. This number continues to rise every other year. This tourist influx accounts for many jobs in the hotel industry. Calgary city has some of the best hotels in Canada.

Job positions that are highly demanded in the various posh hotels in the city include:

  • System managers
  • IT experts
  • Administrators
  • Receptionists

If you are an expert in any of the above mentioned fields, consider sending your application as soon as possible.


This is one industry that has struggled over time. With the crunch that hit the oil industry in the late 1980’s, the agricultural sector picked up pretty well. Today the sector offers employment to an eighth of the city’s overall population.

Improvement in the agricultural sector have made it possible to cut down the amounts of food imports in the city. Calgary feeds itself, so they say.

Sports and Entertainment

Just like the case with the agriculture sector, sports and entertainment industry gained traction after the crunch. The winter Olympics of 1988 in Calgary marked a major milestone in the industry. Today, the city leads in number of self-employed individuals, most of who are in the sports and entertainment industry.

Jobs in Calgary are plentiful. Knowledge, skills, experience and networking are key if one is to secure a position. With the lowest rates of unemployment in the country, Calgary offers opportunity to every qualified job seeker.