Many of us graduating from art school–or walking away from our undergraduate careers with a degree in any area of the humanities–experienced a sort of maximum apex of career-related dread in our final semester of school.  Woe to those who have no internships under their belts!

But despite bleak prognostications, and apocalyptic reports in the media, the job market out there is not so bad–it’s just more confusing than it used to be.  Your right-brain style of thinking might come in handy in the new amorphous, assymetrical economy of the 21st century.  Daniel Pink says that the right brained will rule the world as skills like coding and statistics become commodities since our apps are so good now.  And who’s to say he’s wrong?  I was surprised when, predicting that I would have to work the rest of my life in food service, I wound up graduating during a boom-market for English majors.

Here are the top ten jobs for folks graduatig from art-school right now:

1. Art Director
In most cases, you’re going to need some entry level experience before becoming an art-director–but keep your eye on the prize!  This is a growing a profession.

2. Art Agent/Business Manager
Artists are tough to manage.  But if you can pull it off, you’ll be turning lead into gold–and making more money than the artists themselves while you’re at it.

3. Commercial Artist
The demand for content is virtually endless.  Get in line at the trough.
5. Animator
For many millenials, cartoons were how we got interested in art in the first place.  Animation requires a lot of technical skill and project management know-how on top of artistic ability.
7. Graphic Designer
Join the legions of website pumper-outers.
8. Art Gallery Dealer
All you need is startup capital and an audience. And endurance.  And affordable space in a high foot traffic area of a major metropolis.  And a lot of other stuff.
9. Advertising Designer

Not totally sure how this is different from graphic designer, but they are distinct professions according to authorities.

10  Freelance Photographer

The barbarians are at the gates: all the new moms and brides to be want to capture their special moments together.

My wife thought she needed to go to school to become a lawyer, but instead she’s found debt-free success as a photographer.   For most of us there is no intruction book that will lead us to highly remunerative careers.  But in this particular case, there is an infographic.  Check out the infographic below to learn about the skills, equipment and tools you will need to start your career as a freelance photographer.

The Amateur Professional Infographic
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