If working from home is not working out for you due to constant distractions, you can consider working at a virtual office. A virtual office can provide you with telephone services, internet connectivity, privacy, hot desk and even meeting rooms. See how it works.

Using Virtual Offices To Eliminate Distractions Of Working From Home

Get Your Calls Forwarded

You can continue to use your home number and get business calls forwarded to your virtual office. You can handle them yourself, or ask for secretarial support. You can even ask for a call answering service with standard answers to enquiries.

Receptionist Services

You can ask for a dedicated room or private office with a receptionist at the front desk. This is especially useful if you intend to handle physical business enquiries and meet clients at the office. The receptionist can answer questions and guide the client to a meeting room in your absence.

Hot Desk Services

A virtual office can provide you with a hot desk when you require. This is basically a private cubicle desk with phone and internet connectivity, drawers and other facilities. It’s the perfect solution for a client, vendor or partner who’s working with you for a short while.

Dedicated Phone Line

If your business entertains a great volume of customer calls, it makes sense to ask the virtual office operator for a dedicated phone line. You can even enable an automated greeting with your business name and customized messages.

Mail And Courier Delivery

Getting mail and courier delivered to your virtual office instead of your home serves several purposes. For one thing, your family won’t be disturbed with the constant doorbell. For another, you won’t misplace important missives, since you’ll have help and a proper filing system in place.

Create An Image

A virtual office, even if you only have a single room in it, is still a viable, professional business image. Somehow a home office does not create the same image. Even if yours is a single-person business, using a virtual office is a good way to impress clients.

Greater Productivity

Frequent distractions at home can cause you to misplace documents, forget to return calls and screw up business deals. No matter how professionally you handle things, an expanding business cannot be contained within one’s home. A virtual office is the right solution.

No Major Cost Outlay

If you’re worried that you’ll be out of pocket a great deal, here’s the good news. A virtual office is a flexible, pay-for-what-you-need service. So if you want a client meeting room for 2 hours, you book it for that time and pay for it. If you use it wisely, you can save a lot of money while using a virtual office.

No Worries

At home, you’re responsible for ensuring there’s no power failure, that the driveway is clean so that clients can park easily and so on. Your worries stop at your virtual office. Be sure to get a place with plenty of parking and excellent reputation for maintenance. Running the virtual office is the responsibility of the virtual office operator, not yours. You’re free to focus on your core business, minus all the distractions of home.