With the intense level of competition from every corner of the world, today’s business needs powerful help to get a consumer’s attention. Knowledgebase tools can get you noticed and provide incentive for consumers to choose your product over others available online.

As helpful as a knowledgebase is, it can’t do the job if it isn’t set up properly. A good system will provide the knowledgebase tools to help you create a well-organized base of information that will send consumers to your website to make purchases.

Some of the ways a good knowledgebase will help you increase sales include:

  • Boosting search engine rankings
  • Making all of the information available easy to find and access
  • Inform consumers of usage specifics and helpful FAQs on your company
  • Provide feedback and analytics to help you understand your consumer base

Using the Knowledgebase Tools to Your Advantage

When creating a knowledgebase you are pre-selling to your consumers. Before they come to your website and read product descriptions, they will probably be looking online for information on the way a product works and what it can do for them.

The information in your knowledgebase should contain articles that do not try to sell consumers on a specific product. They should be informative and instruct them in the use and selection of the best product for their needs. Preferably, the best one will be yours, and links inside the article will lead them to your pages so they can see what you have available.

While visitors that happen upon your website by chance may not be looking for the products you have, you have a higher chance of getting serious buyers from knowledgebase article links. You know those consumers were already looking for your type of product.

Help for Existing Consumers

A large portion of your knowledgebase should also contain information for existing customers. Keeping consumers happy means a better chance of repeat purchases and good word of mouth on your products. Use the knowledgebase tools of your software to organize a section of help files that will answer all of the most common questions customers have.

Another section can be added with files containing manuals and additional information on what each of your products does. Go the extra mile to create an extensive database of peripheral information. One example of this type of information that would be helpful in a knowledgebase is a section of blender recipes where you have blenders as a product for sale.

The recipes won’t help you sell a product, but showing consumers you have their best interest at heart will instill a powerful level of loyalty in them. That loyalty is priceless in a world where human contact does not exist and online businesses feel impersonal.

The Sky is the Limit

Because of the power that knowledge base software offer, there is no limit to how extensive your information center can be. Having the ability to instantly categorize information and make it easy for consumers to find allows you to build a varied library of information that will help your business succeed.

Creating SEO Power with Knowledgebase Tools

There are other reasons for developing such an extensive knowledgebase. The more information you have installed in the system, the higher your rankings on search engines will be.

However, in order to maximize the SEO potential of a knowledgebase, all of the information included must be targeted to your specific niche.

The knowledgebase tools in your system will help you keep the information in its proper place. Your information base can contain a variety of products as long as each category of items has its own dedicated section.

Analytic tools are an important element in your system. Use the knowledgebase tools to understand your consumer base better, and target your information to their needs.

Author Bio: Rose Mary is a business and market researcher with over 20 years of experience. He has been extensively involved in exploring the impact of technological innovations on business organizations, enterprise culture and organizational processes. Currently, Rose is conducting a series of marketing experiments on how web-based tools like ProProfs Knowledge Base Software.