Movavi screen capture is used to capture anything you want to capture. For example video recorder, video calls recorders. The capturing can be done by using any hotkeys. We can allocate any hotkeys according to our wish. It is also used in making snapshots while watching HD videos. Also configuring the program for scheduled recording with convenient capture later, the steps usually involved are to set parameters to record screen, making a screen grab on your pc and last editing video. Usually screen capture software’s requires a 64-bit processor with minimum 140mb hard disk space requirements and 1 GB for ongoing operations and also administrator permissions are required for installation. It is used only in Mac OS and also it is only legally available.

Screen capture is the most useful video editing software available in Mac OS. The features generally available are taking screenshots in specific area in the screen, draw, annotate your desired screenshots take photos with your built-in-cam and then open and save in different formats. Also screen recording on Mac is used to share the screenshot images to face book and other social networks. Uses of screen capture Cut unwanted fragments, Enhance the video Connect clips with dynamic transitions, Set high recording parameters and capture your screen cast. The conventional method of taking screenshots is pressing command and shift 4, move the crosshair pointer to where you want to start the screenshot, drag to select an area, when you have selected the area you want, release your mouse or track pad button. Save the screenshot in desired file formats such as jpg, png.


The copyright protected contents can be screenshot using this software and some of the websites show the download option so by using this you can take screenshot of any website. If you want to enhance a video quality after downloading the video, in some of the websites the video quality will be very low and you can’t watch it in the big screen. You can even download the edited photos and videos in an external device like pen drive and hard disks. Screen capture will come handy in a situation where you want a particular frame. Even if you want to create memes these software’s will be very useful. Even you can merge the audio with any video file. You can even remove the audio from a video file and record your own voice and create a new movie