There is currently a huge move for businesses to use virtual private networks. That would be great if business owners even understood what they were. Owners have a lot of questions:

  • What are VPNs?

  • How do they benefit a business?

  • What type of services do they offer?

  • What do businesses need to set one up?

By knowing the answer to just some of these questions, the owners will be able to make well-informed choices and decide whether they are worthwhile. Here are just some of the answers to help decide whether virtual private networks are suitable for business.

How Do Virtual Private Networks Work For Business?

What Exactly Is a Virtual Private Network?

It is a virtual line that runs through public networks, usually the internet. Remote users and websites are connected through this virtual line, so businesses can operate all over the world without incurring extra costs. The business owner can contact employees that are based away from the office quickly and securely.

All the lines are encrypted, so any data passing through them is safe. They are similar to leased lines, which were available before the internet was so popular. However, they are more secure, stable and affordable.

How Does a VPN Benefit a Business?

For the most part, it is possible for businesses to operate in a different area to its employees. The employees can work from home, often in different states or countries, but the employer can still contact them easily. They are more affordable forms of communication than traditional business phone lines.

The line can also allow secure internet browsing. This suits those who want to work while travelling, students who need to access university systems while at home or in halls and downloaders who don’t want to catch the eye of various companies. It also benefits businesses with partnerships in other countries.

The biggest benefit for businesses really is cost. There is no need to worry about telephone charges abroad because the costs are all tied within the package. You’re not renting the capacity from a company. It is all connected to your internet, which is now virtually unlimited due to better technology. The main thing that you pay for is the support when there is an issue with your line.

When telephoning abroad, the connect is made to the nearest access point for the provider. This is usually somewhere local; never out of the country! By saving money on the cost of these calls, you will be able to put more money into the business or come out with a bigger profit.

But What About Dedicated Private Networks?

There are dedicated private networks that can offer similar benefits. However, the major difference is the cost. To opt for a dedicated private network between two branches, it’s fine; you just need the one line. However, four branches need six lines to connect each other and this continues to grow. While it may be viable for small businesses with no reason to grow, it is no good for the larger corporations. Could you imaging the costs if you opted for international networks?

What Do Businesses Need?

There is very little that a business needs for a VPN; just an internet connection, computer and phone line. With all that, the company providing the virtual private network will be able to set everything up and you will be ready to go within a few hours. It really is that simple! If there is a problem at any time, support will be able to assist to find the reason and fix it.

Setting up a VPN for your business could be the best thing that you could ever do. It is affordable and easy. There is no need for any technical knowledge and it will help you make secure connections with everything passing through your own internet connection.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Jordan Fried, a tech expert. He has helped businesses for many years find the best technical options for them and Virtual Private Networks are often at the top of the list. Follow him on Twitter @jordanfried.