After school, high school and college most of us enter into the corporate world and will work for 40 or 50 years from 9 to 5. They will build their life around their jobs, hope that they never get fired and pay a lot of taxes. They will stand endlessly in rush-hour traffic, wait patiently in lines in the supermarket and spend a lot of time in waiting rooms at the doctor. That for having such a cyclic routine, like all the others. Little flexibility, much duty, more dependency. But then again, being your own boss is risky, isn’t it?

In this article we’ll go through some advice for ambitious would-be entrepreneurs looking for their way out and coming – by way of self-education – to live life to their fullest potential. Coming to you from someone who has 8 years of experience being a freelance business plan ghostwriter and online marketer, I feel the following statements are really key to a good start.

While at University, Already Think of Money Creation

Not all courses that we take at the university allow us to think about the creation of value. But even business students take a while to get the drift of how money is created in our economy. Working to become rich is often a pretty elusive dream for most of us. A lot of literature is available to prove that neither brain nor hard work alone will lead us into abundance and prosperity. It is recognizing niches and gaps in the current market, it is about understanding finance and it is about owning instruments of passive income. As you study, already tried to cut out small pieces of the pie for you – you will find that it will give you a much better perspective on how the game is played.

While at your Day Job, Build Skill and Prepare Your Own Business

While many of us working our day jobs are bound by contract and oral agreement that during the time that we are paid for, we are basically corporate property, there are often ways for us to hit the ground running in the very moment we undo our chains. While I would never in a written document advise you to use company time for reading and writing, client acquisition, market research and a host of other tasks for your own benefit while you sit at the desk of your job, perhaps there are seminars, trade fairs and local networking events that you can frequent in your spare time. Get good (!) business cards and a great (!!!) website early and get people interested in your business – it is sometimes easier than you think.