Web designers and web developers are two common terms in the web development industry. In this case, both terms are often used interchangeably. However, we should be aware that there’s a significant difference between the two. As an example, web designers are often associated with the aesthetic or visual aspects of the website; while web developers are often associated with the functional and back-end aspects of the website. Even so, we could find that there could be a crossover between these professionals. Web designers are often concerned with the visual aspect of our website. They understand what images, fonts and colors they should use.

Web designers are highly appreciated for their understanding of color theory and they know what drive people visually. Web designers are highly experienced in providing visual stimulation and they always provide things that look good. By visually enhancing the website, traffic can be guaranteed to come. However, visually stimulating websites may not be the most functional or efficient. This should be where web developers step in. Fundamentally, web developers help us to build the structure of the website. They are focused on unseen codes and framework of the website.

Web developers are like civil engineers. They oversee and direct the actual construction process of the website from the ground up. They build the foundation of the website and make sure that it is perfectly stable. Like in many building, foundation and structure are not easily visible; however they are vital to the presence of the website. Web developers build functions of the website, so that visitors are able to many things when they are in the website. Web developers are responsible for coding and developing databases, server-side applications. Search engine optimization and complex e-commerce transactions. Web developers should master at least one server-side development platform.

In many cases, websites are intended only for various presentational purposes. However, in this era, server side components are still needed. As an example, it could be needed for sign-up and contact forms. In this case, web developers should have proper understanding with common web standard during the actual web development process. Without proper techniques, it is possible that the website has bloated code that could cause sluggish performance and various inefficiencies. This could cause big problems if there are many visitors in the website. It is important to ask for references from previous clients.

When working with web developers and web designers; it is important to not pay everything upfront in full. Deposit should be less than 50 percent of the project value. There are many things that we need to discuss with these professionals, such as possible deployment and hosting options. Website development projects can be both rewarding and challenging. They need the required skills to make their website competitive, attractive and functional. Functional appreciation and artistic aptitude are needed to ensure that our website is working properly. It means that our website will be wonderfully stable, exceptionally functional and visually stunning.