It’s hard to accept it but many people believe that phones already have built in super antivirus software that can protect it from malware, spyware, different sorts of viruses and anything at all. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. The real threat comes from public networks when you use your iPhone in a café or any other unsafe places similar to this.

What hackers do is scan the networks and steal data such as your bank account details using tools which are easily available on the internet while you are carelessly using that particular network. They can also fool you into thinking that the website you’re about to visit is a trustworthy website. Once you enter then BAM. It’s too late, you can’t turn back.

Protect Your iPhone

But it’s not necessary that happens to you too. No one wants their personal information in wrong hands, especially if that person is a business man. Imagine how destructive and devastating a threat like this could be, but then again, I’m pretty sure all of us have faced a problem like this at least once in a life time before.

But hey, guess what? Now you wouldn’t need to fret about your iPhone security, not all antivirus software are top notch. And not all of them block every little bug out there.

A Hotspot Shield VPN protects your iPhone from hackers or any similar threats by creating an end to end encrypted tunnel meaning no hacker can steal your sensitive information while you surf the internet through a public network.

It acts as a layer of protection and hides your original IP address. Other than this, Hotspot Shield VPN protects your device from 3.4 million different malware attacks! Now, isn’t that something?


The best part is yet to come. You don’t just get to protect your private information, but these benefits come along with the installation of Hotspot Shield VPN.

Save Money on your Phone Bill-

In some cases, cellular companies decide to raise data bandwidth fees. This VPN helps you cut off these high costs of data charges. As content passes through one of their servers, it becomes compressed enabling you to download twice the more data than your company’s limit.

This feature is usually useful when you watch a lot of videos or when you’re roaming in Japan or Switzerland, areas with high data charges. In addition, it also lets you to trace the data savings produced in easy browsing session.

Access to Blocked Websites-

Some IP providers geographically block their websites in order to risk user access. Hotspot Shield VPN lets you cross location based IP address, enabling you to gain access of any website in any part of the world, including American Europe AND Asia! You can basically fool them into thinking that you’re accessing their website from their geographical location. What are you waiting for? Get this VPN for your iPhone right now and let the magic happen.

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Gloria Philips is an IT professional and guest blogger for , a global VPN service provider. Their services are great and prices are highly affordable.