With every new year, there are dozens of millions of toner cartridges that reach to incinerators or trash fields. You probably do not even care where your toner cartridge reaches to, but the truth is that every major change begins with minor actions. Recycling such things is not just environmentally friendly, but it can also help you earn some cash. It is a win-win situation for both you and the nature. However, such activities are not widely advertised for, so most users have no idea where or how to do it.

Where Can I Leave Used Cartridges?

First of all, you need to figure out who you want to donate the cartridges to. There are plenty of charities that can take such things, especially since you plan to send them to trash anyway. You may not find out too many details or ideas from friends and neighbors, so the Internet remains your best friend. Simply take a look over search engines and you will end up with thousands of results.

You may find local collectors that share the cartridges to multiple charities or just decide on a specific organization. There are quite a few organizations you can get in touch with directly. But then, make sure that you find as many details as possible. You need to know whether or not they will be used for profit or to ease the life of others.

Among the most common organizations in your area, you should not ignore schools, libraries, orphanages or even churches. Get in touch with them and find out whether or not they can find a use for such things. Some of them may not give attention to such small details, but you never know.

Packing And Sending Toners

If you end up in front of a collection box, the empty cartridges must go in plastic bags. They should be sealed too. Cartridges – especially CE255A models – have the tendency to lose the remaining ink. When left in the same position for long periods of time, ink can leak and damage other things as well.

If the cartridge is completely empty, do not hesitate to use recyclable materials to wrap them. Newspaper is a great idea from this point of view. If you have too many of them, use the cardboard box your printer or computer came in.

Many organizations provide prepaid shipping opportunities, but this is not a general rule. This is the aspect that makes the difference between those who care for the environment and those who do not. If you truly believe in saving the nature, you should obviously consider paying the insignificant shipping fees.

Other Ideas

In case you cannot find any charities willing to take your empty cartridges, feel free to sell them out. There are many organizations recycling toners and actually paying for them. You can later donate the money to charities of your choice. Some companies will even send the respective checks to the charities you pick, helping you save a lot of time.

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