Exercise. We all moan and groan about it, but the truth is that it’s important – not just for losing weight or toning muscles, but for your general health as well. While there are, of course, tons of medications on the market to treat just about every disease and disorder out there, the truth is that it’s simply better to not get sick and exercise has been proven to have a huge impact on some of the most common conditions known to society.

Exercise and Obesity

When we talk about obesity as a disease, we’re not just talking about not feeling great about yourself because you are carrying extra weight. It’s the physical impact that extra weight can have on your entire body that causes doctors concern – especially the added pressure on your joints and the extra work your cardiovascular system (your heart and lungs) has to do to keep up. The excess weight (or fat) you carry can cause you to have high blood pressure and may also contribute to the development of diabetes.

Diabetes – Type 2

Speaking of diabetes, exercise is a great preventative. Why? Exercise helps to lower the amount of abdominal fat you have and it also helps to lower your triglyceride levels. Both combined with exercise will help to maintain a healthier blood sugar level.

Heart Disease and Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for your skeletal muscles. The exercise you do has a huge impact on your cardiac muscle as well – or your heart muscle. A healthy heart experiences greater blood flow and the entire system functions better.

According to the Center for Preventive Medicine, anaerobic, aerobic, and resistance exercises can all have an impact on your health – especially if you combine them with some stretching for added flexibility. Aerobic exercises, which use oxygen, will use the muscles in a way that raises your heart rate. These include exercises like walking or swimming.

Anaerobic exercises, which do not use oxygen, include the resistance training you’d get form lifting weights. Resistance training has a huge impact on increasing your lean muscle tissue while getting rid of fat.

While stocking up on a huge supply of vitamins and supplements may seem like a great idea, you may want to try this out: exercise. It’s good for you, will benefit you now even if you haven’t been active in the past, and may save you money and stress when it comes to medical care in the future.