How it Works?

The spinal nerves, discs, and vertebrae are located deep inside the back and surrounded by many muscle tissues. When performing a surgery on the spine, a surgeon needs to move these muscle tissues out of the way. In the pastthis was a risky procedure, but now with the facility of endoscope,spinal surgery has evolved greatly. The surgery starts with a small incision and insertion of instruments that carry a camera inside the body close to the area needing surgery. The light beam from the inserted instrument illuminates the area which allows the camera to transfer a clear picture of internal organs onto the screen. Upon finding a clear view, the surgeon commences the surgery at the precise point. The surgical tools are inserted inside through the channel of endoscope. This greatly reduces the risk that was previously inherent with spinal surgery.

Understanding Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

When is it used?

Spinal surgery at renowned clinics and modern treatment centers are not using conventional methods any longer. The methods used in the past have often created great risks to the patients. Surgeons now utilize endoscope technology such as that developed by Joimax Inc. for spinal surgery to correct problems with the disc and vertebrae. One of the main reasons for endoscopic spinal surgery is to alleviate pain caused by accidents or other injuries. Whatever damage that is caused to the spine can be repaired through endoscope surgery. Age is another factor because the spine slowly deteriorates over time. Many other cases of spinal pain can be attributed to lumbar spinal stenosis. This condition can be found in young adults as well people 65 and older. Disc problems can be corrected by this minimally invasive surgery. These are many conditions of the spine where there is no other solution to improve the quality of life of a patient but spinal surgery. Endoscopic surgery is now the preferred option of qualified and experienced surgeons.

How to Minimize the Pain?

There are a number of ways to decrease pain during minimally invasive surgery.  The use of a tubular retractor significantly decreases the pain because this technique depends on dilation of the tissues progressively rather than directly cutting through the muscle as with conventional methods. With the help of tubesthe muscles are kept out of the surgical path, and a large incision is not needed to expose the area for surgery. The tubular retractor is removed immediately after surgery and the tissues and muscles are allowed to come back to their natural position. Also, the incision is small sothe trauma is minimized. Placement of the screws and rods through the skin is another way to minimize the pain. During the traditional approach, the placement of screws was more painful as the tissues and muscles were widely removed from the surface of spine. Now, with the help of X-ray,the placing of screws and rods through the skin is relatively easy.

If you need spinal surgery for one reason or another, make sure to collect enough information about the procedure. It is always good to make an informed decision that leads to full inner satisfaction and high quality of life.