Starting a business immediately calls for launching a website. You either outsource the task of designing the website to a company or hire a designer. Next, you discuss with the team your requirements and exchange ideas to create a unique design. It has been found, no matter how much a designer tries to avoid, there are always a few elements that remained common.  Whether it is about the whitespace, qualities of images, plug-in buttons or search functionalities, these would continue to hold its importance, every time you plan to develop a website. So, here is a list of common elements, which play significant roles while web designing.


Excessive designs make your website appears like a dumping ground. If you want visitors to enjoy your creativity, give it some space to breathe. This is one important element, which dictates everything in a design. Space maintains a flow in the design and encourages the users to read. The overall use of space determines how you want users to browse through the website.

It is essential to maintain a consistency in spacing between every line, images, and paragraphs. You can develop a focus point for the users; for instance, if you want a certain portion of the website to appear larger and more important, keep some white space, to make the piece prominent. However, it is not necessary to keep the space white; there can be other colors or textures to maintain parity in the design.


How does it feel when you are given wrong direction, when inquired about a location? In real world, you may get irritated but in the end, find the destination on your own. But in the web world, if you give wrong direction to your users, they would not come back to your web page. If you do not want to experience this trouble, seek help from a Philadelphia web design company. There are always competitors and you do not want to see your customers availing their services, due to your navigational errors.

It is better to include least number of navigational menus depending on the nature of the website. Incorporate simple framework and directional arrows to make the site friendly for the users.

About Us and Contact Us Page

It is not always necessary to keep the About Us page filled with content. You need to provide information that is essential for your users to know and that does not mean too much of texts. You can simply give and outline about the achievements, philosophies or goals. If you want to make the page interesting, add images that speak about your success, team and milestone achieved. Do not make it long; rather focus on creating awareness about the brand.

Similarly, the Contact Us page must be clear and prompt. You can add address of your organization or place a form, allowing the users to contact the owner of the website for clearing any queries. Usually, the contact information is either found in the header section or in the footer section of the web page. You can opt for any of the option, but make sure it is clearly visible and readable.

Search Box

It is a mistake to forget the Search Box integration in a website. This is an important element because users might prefer to search for information from the website without going into every page. So, place a box at the top right corner of the page, allowing the users to easily find it at the time of need.

Well-optimized Website 

Your design can be seamless, but if it not well optimized, the effort goes in vain because the search engine is not paying heed to your hard work. This is when you need to make the website search engine friendly by including strategies because crawlers do not pick up pictures of your website.

Added to this is another fact and that is developing a website, which can be accessed from every mobile devices. A website developed with the interest to draw users of desktops as well as mobile devices, enjoys more profit.

These are some of the most important features for every websites. No matter how common they are, developers cannot avoid these elements even if they want to create an innovative design.