Painting as genre of art has never lost its importance in any age. Rather painters today has professional career as people do buy paintings for their living room. Another reason is also the different perspectives that a painting showcases which is the chief appealing factor of every painting. This is what reflects the different styles of painting, knowledge of which is very important before one goes to buy a painting.

Abstract Art

Types Of Painting Styles

Abstract art combines different sub types and styles of painting that have been defined quite explicitly over the years. One of them is Abstract Expressionism.Those who are looking for a rebellious feel in a painting are the ones who go for the paintings of Jackson Pollock and Mark Tobey. High drama, intensity and spontaneinityare the three words that perfectly define what is called Abstract Expressionism. Use of colours as a mode to reflect rebelious themes is what is called Colour field style of painting, the stalwarts in this art being Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell among others.Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Leger are those artists who worked with geometric designs (cubism) and their contribution to abstract art at large are incomparable.


Use of intense lights and thin brush strokes is what defines this earliest form of modern painting styles which was first produced in Paris, France. It was a radical form of painting in the 1870s and paintings of Claude Monet, Pierre – Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro speaks a lot about this style of painting.


The paintings of Valentine Hugo is famous because of the juxtaposition of different images that altogether gives an amazing effect both in terms of use of colours and in theme. This sense of the illogical and at times Utopian theme is what defines the genre of surrealism trends in painting.

Photorealism AndHyperRealism

A painting that exactly looks like a photograph is the main concept and style behind photorealism style of painting. But a major advancement from this thought of painting is hyper realism, which can be called as an exaggerated version of photorealism. Here a photograph is taken and is made into a canvas to work externally. Major stalwarts of hyper realism painting are Robert Bechtle, Richard Estes, Bert Monroy, Duane Hanson while photorealism is reflected in the works of Robert Bechtle, Tom Blackwell, Don Eddy among others.

Other Forms Of Painting

The other forms of painting include futurism, pop art, Fauvism (mainly works with strong colours), Concept art. With every passing day, the strict boundaries between these above mentioned forms of art are getting admixed giving rise to another set of  painting styles which is extremely experimentative and contemporary.

According to painting artist, Jonathan Nelson, performance art paintings consists of several aspects and important part of it is palette knife paintings.