The value of music school trips for aspiring musicians and young music lovers should not be underestimated.  Helping students to discover and explore some of the varied contexts in which music exists around the world encourages them to connect with traditions that have helped to shape the cultures of the countries they visit. Experiencing the magic of performing in a new, inspiring setting, builds confidence and skills while deepening knowledge of music history. There are many places with a suitably impressive musical legacy to provide all of the above, but few are as wonderful as Tuscany, with its long history of musical excellence and innovation, and its indisputable beauty and charm. For a taste of what Tuscany has to offer your students, read on.


The Magic of Tuscany

The incredible musical heritage may be one particular focal point for music school trips to Tuscany, but that is only one facet of what makes this region, considered by many to be Italy’s cultural heart, so special. A region synonymous with Renaissance art, sumptuous sun-splashed countryside, and mouth-watering cuisine, it is enjoyed by visitors of all ages, and with plenty of opportunity for cross-curricular activities, everyone is catered for. Two of the most memorable places to take your students include Sienna, famed for its medieval architecture and beautiful art, and Pisa, which despite being renowned for its Leaning Tower also has some fantastic museums. Thanks to the university in Pisa, the town also has a fun and vibrant atmosphere that is bound to appeal to your students.

Performance Opportunities

For some, the secret to Tuscany’s success as a centre of music is partly attributable to the magnificence of the places in which music can be performed and enjoyed – namely, its breath taking churches and cathedrals. There are a treasure trove of gorgeous buildings in which consideration for acoustics has played an important part in the design and execution. Many of these fine European venues open their doors to offer students visiting on music school trips the unforgettable opportunity to explore and a number of these striking churches, including the stunning Pisa Cathedral and St Francis’s Basilica in Assisi offer space in which student choirs can perform.

Tuscany’s Musical Heritage

When it comes to learning about the role that music has played in history, those who choose Tuscany for their music school trips have a fantastic advantage. Since the middle ages, this region has been known for the brilliance of its musicians. It is where the legendary Puccini was born, and was the location of the earliest performances of Italian musical story-telling – the art form that would grow to become opera. Students will have the chance to delve into this fascinating history and deepen their appreciation and knowledge of classical music.