Children are among the most vulnerable segments of the global population. Their young age and naivety, as well as their size and education level, often place them at great risk for abuse, neglect, crimes and other serious issues. Such issues are significantly more problematic in underdeveloped countries. However, many of these areas are getting safer for children through valiant efforts by individuals and organizations. These are some of the primary ways underdeveloped countries are improving for the benefit of their children.

Third World: 3 Ways Underdeveloped Communities Are Getting Safer

Improved Healthcare

Healthcare services available for pregnant women in these countries are minimal, and one out of every 36 pregnant women die of related complications. In many cases, the unborn baby also dies. In addition, vaccinations and well-checks for children are rare. Thanks to advances in medicine as well as the ability for charitable organizations to reach children as well as pregnant mothers in these areas, the lives and health status of those who live in underdeveloped countries are improving dramatically.

Better Educational Opportunities

It is estimated that more than 125 million children around the world do not have access to formal education, and many grow up without developing basic reading or math skills. This can affect their quality of life and work opportunities throughout life. It should be noted that providing a primary education to women in these countries can decrease poverty and child mortality rates by 15 percent. If women are provided a secondary education, these risks decrease by 49 percent. Some community outreach programs are making progress in these areas by educating both girls and boys.

Criminal Justice Efforts

There are many crimes that target children in these areas. For example, girls may be sold as sex slaves or child wives. Trafficking, abuse, slavery, exploitation and other issues affect hundreds of millions of children each year. Many organizations are taking steps to protect children in these areas, and some of the top organizations that you may contribute to if you want to make a difference in the lives of children are UNICEF, United Nations, and others. Some of the professionals involved in these organizations even pursue a criminal justice bachelors degree to increase their understanding of criminal behavior.

The issues affecting children in underdeveloped countries are serious, and they can affect the entire world in various ways. While some steps are being taken to address these and other related issues, more still needs to be done. Those who want to participate and make a difference in the lives of children in need can volunteer their time, or they can make charitable donations that support these and other related causes.