When it comes to choosing destinations for an educational visit, today’s teachers are spoiled for choice – the world is more accessible than ever before, and there are seemingly countless great places to inspire students and facilitate learning. One place, however, has a great deal of appeal and fits a wide range of subjects: Paris. Famous for its history, science, art, culture and more, it is also a stylish and lively modern capital that is bound to enchant young people. Read on to learn more about the possibilities.


City of Light

One factor that makes Paris an appealing destination for an educational visit is its huge array of historical accolades. In the eighteenth century, the first French Republic made political and philosophical history by espousing the Enlightenment ideals of rational thought, creative innovation, and education for all. This, combined with the city’s early introduction of street lighting and its radical redesign in the nineteenth century to let more light into the streets, earned it the nickname ‘City of Light.’ Today, it retains its reputation as a centre of scientific and philosophical progress. The Cite des Sciences lets students explore the country’s scientific legacy as well as the modern wonders of current scientific research.

Artistic Heritage

For students interested in art, design, or art history, few places are more appealing as an educational visit destination than Paris. Its streets are bursting with colour and elegance and its famous artistic legacy is alive and well. As well as world-renowned galleries such as the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris is also very proud of the iconic stone halls and glass pyramid of the Louvre. For modern art lovers there is the Pompidou Centre, which is home to Europe’s biggest modern art museum.  For a sense of ongoing artistic life of the city take your students on a walk through Montmartre – once home to legendary artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Matisse, and popular with street artists today.

The Revolutionary Legacy

For history students, Paris is a treasure trove of a city to explore on an educational visit. It has been witness to many changes and events, the most dramatic of which took place during the French Revolution, which had an impact not only on France’s social and political history but also on society and culture across Europe. Although the landscape of modern Paris has changed dramatically, Some of the most famous sites of these historical events can be visited today. The most symbolically important of these is the Place de la Bastille, formerly the site of a prison that was stormed by revolutionaries on July 14 1789, with the Place de la Concorde, the grim site of many guillotine executions, also being an important place to visit.