There are two types of travellers. One is the explorer type. The explorer type is a traveller that likes to explore things by their own. Most travellers that belong to the explorer type is also a backpacker. They are usually on a tight budget so they rely on a travel guide book to get to know about the destination place they reach. Another type is the tourist type. The tourist type is a traveller that likes to have everything managed and planned. Different from the explorer type that is usually more spontaneous, the tourist type prefers to have good and tidy preparations before actually visiting some new places. Instead of a travel guide book, tourist type prefers a tour guide to lead them and get them know about the places.

Which one are you? These two types bring us to an option: do you like to travel alone or do you like to be a tour? Here are the good and the bad things of travelling alone versus participating in a tour

Travelling Alone versus Participating in A Tour

Travelling Alone

The explorer type undoubtedly prefers to travel alone. By travelling alone, they have their own freedom to go wherever they want. They do not have to follow aschedule because they can go whenever they feel like to go. Many travellers like travelling alone also because by travelling alone, you can manage your own budget. We surely admit that travelling is rarely cheap, right? By travelling alone, you can keep your budget tight.

However, travelling alone is not recommended for people who are new to travelling. If you are not familiar with how to read maps or how to blend with local people, I do not recommend you to travel alone. It is too risky. You may get lost in the destination places and that is a real danger for you.

Being in A Tour

Now, let us take a look at thetour. Many travel agents offer a tour for people who want to go travelling. By participating in a tour, you do not have to be a hassle. All you need is pay the price of the tour and let the travel agent set up the trip for you. Usually, in the price you pay, there are also the ticket, the hotel rent, a schedule, and a tour guide included. The tour guide is available for a group, not for you only. While being on a tour, you just have to follow the schedule. You do not have to think about where to eat, which hotels you should choose, and where to go because the travel agents will already have set them up for you. Sure, a tour is great for the tourist type.

However, the tour is expensive. The price you pay may even higher than if you travel by your own. Also, because you need to follow the schedule, you do not have too much freedom. Your time to explore new places is really limited. You just can visit the places that are already set up in the schedule.