Do you constantly think about what’s out there in the world? Are you a freedom seeker? Do you find yourself planning your next getaway, or reading travel blogs, or learning things about foreign cultures and imagining yourself wandering the streets there?

That means you’re a traveller by nature. Adventures, novelty, different places and atmospheres and challenging yourself are what makes you feel alive. And the more you do this, the happier you’ll be.

However, that goes together with some issues too. While finding the time and resources to afford this isn’t always easy, you prioritize and still make it work. But then comes the moment when you need to find a travel buddy, and sometimes that’s not an option.

So, what do you do when you can’t wait to escape for some time again and become the real you – the traveller – but there’s nobody to join you?

Well, you do it yourself become even more independent, interesting person and have more fun.

Alone Doesn’t Mean Lonely in the Travel World

If you’re in love with exploring new destinations all the time, you’re quite different from everyone else in your life. Other people avoid change, they like to plan everything. And travelling means allowing anything unexpected to happen, but still finding ways to enjoy every moment of it.

Being surrounded by such average people also means they will assume you’re quite desperate for even thinking of doing this alone. Your loved ones might worry and try to stop you from doing it. Your friends will discourage you simply because it’s something they’d never do. But in the end of the day, they will all admire your guts and secretly hope they could do the same.

So pack your bags and head somewhere on your own. If you need some reasons to convince you to do it, here’s why:

5 Reasons to Travel Alone

1. You’re the boss.

For a start, that makes the journey much simpler. You won’t need to wait for somebody to pack or get ready, to listen to their complaints, to miss some good experiences because they felt like doing something else, etc.

You’re your own guide now, and with that you welcome all opportunities. So many crazy things might happen, and by being spontaneous and not having to follow someone else’s plan, you’ll have way more fun than you’d usually do.

2. You connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Travelling is also a tool for self-development. You get to know yourself more by exposing yourself to new things and seeing how you react.

There will be moments when you feel lonely, have doubts, are scared, or think of going back. But by overcoming these short weak bits, you will become stronger.

3. You’ll come back a different person.

When you’re back after your adventure, especially if it’s in a country far from yours, you won’t be the same person. You will have seen more of what the world offers and that changes us in many ways.

Other people in your life will notice that. They will start taking you more seriously. They will respect you more now and will know you can make it on your own too.

Because of that newly gained courage, you might take some life-changing decisions and make some serious changes in your life.

4. The people you’ll meet.

When you’re by yourself and travelling, you’ll see many other beautiful people doing the same. And without even knowing each other, you already have so much in common.

So you’ll spend time together. You’ll talk about life and where you’ve been. You’ll form a meaningful relationship, and might even stay friends long after that.

5. You’ll learn some important life lessons.

So much will happen on the inside when you spend a lot of time on your own in a place different from your home country. For a start, it’s proven to lead to self-discovery.

You also understand some concepts like time management, change, connecting with other people, going out of your comfort zone, opening yourself to what life can offer and making the most of it, accepting other cultures’ traditions and thinking, and so much more.

You’ll never forget the important revelations even when you’re back home. Such things can be truly understood only when we live life consciously, do something new and challenging, and let go of our expectations and fears.

Travelling Solo Might Become Your Next Favorite Thing

Once you do this, there’s a slight chance you’ll fall in love with the feeling of empowerment it gives you. So you’ll plan your next adventure without including anyone else again.

Be ready for the braver you that you’re going to unleash. And the new experiences and challenges you’ll go through once you start a journey on your own.