Many travelers are simply dying for an unforgettable adventure, which can’t be found in crowded touristy areas. People can get closer to the nature by going to remote places. Other than lush rainforest of South America and savanna of Africa, we may also go to Alaska to see mountains, sea, snow and evergreen forest. Although much of the state is consisted of mountains and tundra, there are many interesting things that we can experience and see. There could be few things that we can see in desolate and vast space of Alaska, but the state is much more than that. There are many things that we can do in Alaska. One of the popular activities is river fishing, especially during the salmon migration season. During summer, we can also participate in rafting activities. Alaska has many rivers with different levels of difficulties for beginner and experience rafters. While rafting in remote rivers, we meet natives and listen to their interesting stories. A glimpse of bald eagles and moose is an added bonus for travelers who go to remote places of Alaska. When backpacking through Alaska, we should make sure to bring enough items. Backpackers could have enough flexibility to choose their own adventure destinations, no matter how remote they are.

Another exciting summer activity that we can do in Alaska is sea kayaking. In coves with gentle breeze and waves, we may use kayak to watch huge chunks of ice that splash to the ocean. The Walrus Island is a popular attraction and we will be able to see these furry sea mammals. To see more Alaskan wildlife, we could also participate in hiking trips. There are also activities that we can do in winter, such as dog sledding. We may watch races of dog sledding or participate in short dog sledding trips. Siberian huskies are used for dog sledding in Alaska and they are highly trained to bring us through the vast expanse of snowy forest and plains.  Fjord exploration is an exciting things that we could do during early spring. It’s the time when glacier starts to melt. We may find something that is similar in Iceland and Greenland. There are many things that we can see in Alaska and we should be thankful of what we see. Alaska is something that we shouldn’t miss. There are many wonderful things that we can find in the area. The obvious time to visit Alaska is during late spring to early fall. In winter, Alaska is blanketed by almost continuous darkness.

Even during summer, it is still likely to experience the cold temperature of Alaska. Reasonably thick clothing and comfortable boots can improve out experience in the area. However, it is still likely to get sweaty during a long summer day, especially if perform intense physical activities. Travel agencies are offering different kinds of packages for people who plan to go to Alaska. It is also likely to make our own itinerary and hire guides who can help us a long the way.