The coast of Croatia is well known for its sparkling sandy sea shores and the gigantic canvas of sapphire blue water that produces playful, frothy waves. Along this spectacular coast lie some fascinating towns that display historical relics from the country’s intriguing past and are adorned with unparalleled natural beauty. While tourists from around the globe frequent these coastal destinations throughout the year, there are a few majestic sea side towns that are devoid of the crowds and are wonderful serene retreats. Here are some of the tranquil spots on the coast of Croatia that are ideal for the seekers of solitude.


The city of Opatija is known for the elegance of the sculptures that embellish the beautiful landscape. The most popular attractions of this alluring city include the statue of the Maiden with the Seagull and the Fountain of Helios and Selena, both of which possess an enchantingly intricate design. The Villa Angiolina is known for the sheer opulence of its architecture and for the verdant park that surrounds it whereas the St. Jacob’s Church is one of the oldest buildings in the region, although it has been renovated on multiple occasions. The beaches of Opatija are perfect for watching the mesmerizing colors of the sunset while the rustic scenery and the medieval houses of Volosko, a former village, offer a chance to immerse in the local culture.


Top Serene Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

The city of Makarska has a glorious bay that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing. It also boasts of a promenade lined with coconut trees and cafes, which offers an amazing backdrop for a leisurely stroll. The majestic Biokovo Mountain that overlooks this harbor town adds to the magnificence of the terrain and provides an opportunity to indulge in adventure sports. On the other hand, the main town area is dotted with medieval churches and colorful fruit markets that exude a comforting, old world charm. The traditional architecture of the region can be viewed at the Franciscan Monastery that also encloses a sea shell museum. The Municipal Museum exhibits old photos and nautical relics and is a recommended destination for a rainy day.


Top Serene Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

Rovinj is a scenic fishing port that is home to cobbled streets and lively piazzas that are reminiscent of the Croatia of the yesteryears. One of the most imposing structures of this region is the Church of St. Euphemia, which stands atop a hill and displays some fabulous Baroque architecture. The Balbi Arch is bedecked with some unique sculptures and leads to Grisia Street, which is lined with galleries where you can purchase the creations of the local artists. The backstreets surrounding Grisia exhibit rustic houses with charming balconies and tiny windows, an eclectic combination of different styles of architecture. The natural wonders of this region are hidden in the Punta Corrente Forest Park, a vast expanse of oak and pine groves, while the historical tales of Rovinj are narrated by the Heritage Museum.

Amidst the popular tourist towns of Croatia that are bustling with activity all day long, stand these enthralling destinations that offer a soothing, peaceful atmosphere. And if you are looking to buy a property in Croatia, these are the places to be. Exploring these marvelous coastal towns is the best way to experience the simplicity of the authentic Croatian lifestyle while reveling in the natural splendor and the cultural diversity of this breathtaking nation.