In the past, taking a cruise is a pleasure to some and luxury to many. But today, you can have as much cruising as you want. In Washington DC, packages, deals and discounts are offered to entice some individuals in availing their service. Here are some of the cruises you might enjoy while visiting the capital of United States, the Washington DC.

First is the Riverboat Cruises. Riverboat Cruises are usually short-while cruises which sail off from Washington Harbor. The Potomac River is the place where you could see a lot of notable landmarks and it is following route of the Riverboat Cruise. Complete comfort and proper care are the main things that the crews and staffs of the cruise should give to their customers. The Old Town Alexandria is the most common spot of the cruise’s excursion. These Cruises run quite a few times in a day.

Second is the Lunch/Dinner Cruises. Cruises like this give you a full satisfying course of gourmet meal and there is also live entertainment activity. The cruise departs from the Gangplank Marina and Water Streets. In this type of cruise, the tickets are usually sold out, thus it is greatly suggested if you want to enjoy this cruise at its best, then you must get reservations done in advance to assure your slot. Usually, this luxury cruise takes the time of two to three hour, enough time to offer such spectacular view and service to its passengers.

Third is the Speedboat Cruises. If like to see all the magnificent sites through a cruise with maximum and fast pace, then this is just the thing for you. Speedboat cruises are considered as best for sightseeing tours. These cruises leave from National Harbor which is same port with Riverboat Cruises. Alexandria the Old Town, Jones Point Lighthouse, the Wilson Bridge, Ft. Washington and Mt. Vernon are some of the places you can get the most spectacular view through this tour.

Fourth and the last one in the list is the Odyssey Cruises in Washington DC. It offers its services in the morning, afternoon, evening and any time of day. The cruise also offers you Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Cocktail, Midday and many other choices are there. Of course, the foods they serve are mouth-watering and delightful. Live music is also offered by the cruise. This type of cruise is a perfect setting for memorable and special occasions of a person’s life such as birthday, anniversary and a lot more.

Washington DC has a lot of magnificent places to be seen, the best way to witness them is through travelling by cruise. The cruise delivers the city’s most lively and exclusive combination of dining, entertainment, dancing and waterfront views. These Cruises offer the best of Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Cocktail, Moonlight Cruises and much more all the year-round. Other than travelling by land, it is also a good choice to have fun sailing in the Potomac River.

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