Taking the time to thoughtfully consider which Texas Construction Company is right for your project is sure to be worth your time. We’ve all heard horror stories of friends or family that have gone through unbelievably difficult construction relationships, so being sure of your choice is a necessity. Of course, you probably want to do a little research before getting bids from three or four companies. After that, there is much more than price to consider from both positive and negative perspectives. Below are some important aspects to think about as you make your choice of a construction company.

Negative Aspects to Consider

  • Request for the cash payment up front

A high-quality company will never ask for payment in full before beginning work. Safely expect anywhere from 10%-50% as a down payment for getting the project started, and have a way to safely track the transaction.

  • Desperation to get projects going

If a contractor is knocking on doors looking for work, he is probably desperate. Reputable companies typically have almost more work than they can handle and will never pressure you to choose them.

  • Unnecessary upcharges

If you find in researching a company that it consistently underbids projects to get business and then adds in extra charges once the project is going, beware. You don’t want to be the target of their next “bait and switch” scheme.

  • The difficulty with conflict resolution

Are former customers pleased or displeased with the company’s service? If a construction company doesn’t handle differences of opinion well, disregards arbitration and refuses to finish projects (“I had to hire a different contractor to fix . . .”), you don’t want that company working on your project. You may want to find out how the company handles a punch list or warranty issues.

Positive Aspects to Consider

  • Strong history of customer satisfaction

Starting with online reviews, see what previous customers and clients in Texas have to say about the company. From a professional perspective, find out how the company rates from associations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your city as well as local and national construction associations. For additional feedback, ask around about the company’s reputation among friends and family and check Angie’s List. When making your final determination, nothing beats a site visit to several completed projects for getting a good feel for the integrity of the company.

  • Current professional license, bond, and insurance

Many states require proof of liability insurance before issuing a contractor’s license. Your job is to verify that the insurance is in place along with Texas state licensing and bond, a type of surety insurance that ensures replacement or repair of a contractor’s work if it is unacceptable. Not all states require worker’s compensation insurance for self-employed contractors, but a company with employees should have this type of insurance in place as well. A reputable company should be able to produce the license, bond and insurance numbers so that you can verify that they are current.

  • Strong project management history

Will there be a site manager or project manager that can address daily progress, concerns and issues? How does the company handle subcontractors? Talking through the answers to these questions with satisfied customers and company leaders themselves should put your mind at ease with the company that you select.

  • Contract with written guarantees and warranties

When you’re ready, negotiate a detailed contract that includes specific items that will or will not be done, a timeline of the project, pay schedule and any warranty or guarantee information. You also need to clarify whether you’re agreeing on an estimate or a fixed price. Then, read the document carefully before signing.

Ultimately, you need to find a construction company in Texas that is a good fit for your project. DFW Construction may be just the company you’re looking for!