It is almost impossible for a business to not have an app for the iPhone or Android these days. These useful tools provide clients with a fast and super convenient way to access information and updates as well as great marketing for the companies. The courier exchange market has now created an app for the various technology hosts that aid drivers fulfilling transport contracts on their journey.

Transport Apps Make Life Easier

Courier Exchange, an English company that connects drivers uses their new app to make finding a driver or a haul exponentially easier. The system automatically matches drivers with available loads based on the GPS location. This quick and reliable system has increased the number of transport contracts and attracted more clients because of the increase in convenience. There is also a journey planner, the ability to see the driver’s location, and much more.

This app also makes it easier for a driver to update their journey: whether they are running behind or need to cancel an appointment, just a few clicks is all it takes – there’s no need to call anyone. With these convenient app abilities, drivers who are fulfilling their transport contracts will have an easier time connecting and hauling their loads. The efficiency Courier Exchange is famous for has just gotten better.

Another app that can help when you are taking on a job through Courier Exchange is GasBuddy. This app for iPhones and Android devices lets you search for fuel prices at stations within your vicinity. It tells you the price of every type of petrol, and when the prices were last updated. iGasUp is another popular app for petrol. This is perfect for finding cheap fuel, and ensuring that you don’t drive a few metres down the road just to see a cheaper station. It displays the ten nearest fuel stations and their prices, received through satellite companies.

With technology becoming more and more important to people, companies have to continue to remain competitive and develop apps that clients can easily access. The app from Courier Exchange is perfect for drivers with transport contracts looking to cut down on costs or pocket a little cash by hauling someone else’s goods. The fuel apps are ideal for anyone making long trips or just driving around. Any way you look at it, these new apps are perfect for people looking for an easy and efficient way to get information when driving.