Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a monumental decision. It can be challenging to find a nursing home that you can trust. There are certain traits every caregiver should posses when it comes to caring for seniors. If you are considering going into this field, it is essential that you possess certain skills to be successful in your job.

Traits Every Nursing Home Caregiver Should Possess


One of the most important skills a caregiver needs to possess is empathy. This is not an easy time of life for seniors. They need to know the people helping them through these years will give them the right support. Empathy will allow you to have a level of respect for the people you care for. It gives you the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to know what they are going through. Determine how you would like to be treated if the situation were reversed. This can help you to know that you are giving clients the best possible service.


Another great skill you need to possess is patience. It is not easy to care for people that are going through severe Alzheimer’s and other disorders. Having patience with these individuals will make you into a great caregiver. Seniors often need to move at a slower pace. They need to have people that understand how their bodies work and are determined to help them.


These individuals have lived a long life and they deserve to be respected for it. It is surprising to see how many people do not give seniors the respect they truly deserve. It is important that you learn how to listen to seniors as they talk about their lives and tell stories. You need to show them that you appreciate what they have done to contribute to society. Simply listening and treating a senior like an adult, not like a child, can make a significant difference your care. It is hard for seniors to rely on other people to bathe them, feed them, and help them use the toilet. You need to be able to make them feel comfortable with the new phase of life they are now experiencing so they do not feel embarrassed.


To care for seniors you need to be dependable. You must be on time for work shifts and in-home appointments. Clients need to know that you are a reliable person that they can turn to when they need things. A senior needs to be able to depend on you not only to be on time for your job, but to be capable of doing your job. Do you have the physical strength needed to do the job? Do you have the right skills needed to provide adequate care?


You’ll need to seek out the right schooling to provide adequate care to seniors. You will also need to have several certifications to care for a senior. Do you know how to provide CPR? What are the signs of a heart attack or a stroke? Understanding what to look for in the event that the senior does experience a health problem is a vital part of your job.


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