If you work as a freelancer then you know that relaxing can often be hard to do. If you only do freelance work then stress can easily build up because income is often patchy and workload most of the times doesn’t stay constant. At times you might have a lot of clients, which can cause you to have problems unwinding and at other times it might be that lack of clients can make you worry.

Working as a freelancer you will also meet all sort of clients that can cause hair-raising experiences.

In order to stay focused and keep doing quality work it is important that you also take time of and get your body and mind to relax. Because of the constantly changing work climate you need to be able to take those few precious moments and really use them to unwind properly. Here are top tips to achieve great results and enhance your energy.

Socialise And Spend Time LaughingEntertainment

It is important that you take time socialising with your friends. If the people you meet are only your clients then you really need to take some time off and go out. Invite friends over for small coffee moments or go out and have a glass of wine.

The most important thing is that you meet people that don’t have anything to do with your work and that you can discuss other things with. Make a rule with your friends that stressful things are not to be discussed during your meeting.

Of course it is important to talk about them but great way to solve stress and even work problems is to really turn your mind off of them and focus on other things. Discuss nicer things and laugh a lot.

Get Enough Rest And Exercise

ExerciseIt is really important that you keep your body fit as well as your mind. Freelance work can be very difficult in juggling gym or other sport club membership because your work hours can be constantly different.

But take walks when you have free time or do some light aerobic exercise at home. Even small amount of exercise can help your body fight off stress better and make you feel better.

You should also try to ensure that you are getting enough rest. If you feel like the work is building up take small half an hour nap every once in a while to boost your energy levels.

Keep in mind that even if it might seem like you don’t have the time, you generally work more and do better quality work if you have gotten enough rest.

Express Yourself

You should constantly keep learning and finding new ways to express yourself. Freelance work is especially demanding and thus when you have free time and fewer clients take this time to learn a new skill or keep enhancing your skills. This way you won’t feel bad about the ‘free time’ and you will also keep improving your future work prospects.

If you are spending time learning something you enjoy it won’t feel like a chore; it can be a joyous experience and really improve your freelance work.

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Cristen Bagley is a freelance writer who wants to help other freelancers improve their work and social life. She knows the demanding world of freelancing and is all about sharing tips to make things easier for other fellow freelance workers.