We have all been guilty of sitting in the office and longing for that vacation in the sun that seems so far away and with genuine benefits to both your physical and mental health, quite rightly too. With so much excitement, preparation and expense in the build-up to the big event as it finally begins to feel within reach, you want to ensure you make the most of the experience, allowing it to be as beneficial and enjoyable as possible to make the months of anticipation seem worthwhile.


Often the last couple of weeks before you jet off are spent rushing around trying to make last minute preparations and cramming in extra work. The truth is, it is best to eek this normally stressful endeavour out over a longer period of time, so that these final days before your holiday can be spent resting and rejuvenating your body by getting plenty of sleep and exercise. This allows you to feel more relaxed both inside and out when you arrive at your destination; making the transition into vacation mode a much smoother one.


The internet is a goldmine of information regarding your chosen holiday spot. Looking up user reviews of hotels, restaurants and venues is a great way of making sure you only attend the best once you arrive and travel guides can give you all the information you will require regarding any must-see sights; as well as important extras such as opening hours and peak visiting times, allowing you to avoid the crowds and savour the moment.



When it comes to deciding how to spend your time away and which sights to see, there can be a temptation for families to simply adhere to all the demands of the children amongst the group. While it is important for them to have a good time, you must remember it is your holiday as well and including something that everyone will enjoy in your vacation itinerary will hopefully avoid any unwanted disputes.


Being in an exciting, exotic location can make you want to absorb every bit of culture on offer and truly immerse yourself in the experience. While this is great, you should also be sure to include time to simply relax. Rushing around to try and fit everything in could end up making you stressed and exhausted, negating the entire point of the holiday. A good night’s sleep, a lazy walk along the beach or reading a good book by the poolside are just as much a part of a vacation as visiting the major attractions.



Work is work and a holiday is a holiday; the two should be kept separate as much as possible. If you worry about the emails waiting for you upon your return or the voicemail updates from your boss on your answering machine, you threaten to tarnish the enjoyment of what is supposed to be the time to leave your worries behind. Allow yourself to forget about work, even if just for a week.

With cheap holidays to incredible destinations like Costa Rica available at just a few clicks of a button these days and the key to the perfect, beneficial vacation being so simple, why not book your next getaway now?