If you have been longing to get that lean, long look with the perfect set of legs to flaunt then you may want to add certain new exercises to your exercise regime. Here, we have collated some helpful moves that will help you attain your goals with just a pair of tights or a resistance band!

Top Exercises That Give You The Perfect Set Of Legs

  1. Pencil Side Leg

Stand with your feet placed together and hands resting on your hips. Even while standing in this position, start softening your left knee. Raise your right knee as straight as you can to the side, in the outside direction. Then, lower the same to touch the toes to the floor, as closely as you can. When you are on your last pulse, transfer your body weight to your right leg and try to touch your right toes to the floor while bringing in your left toes to join up with the right ones. All the time, remember to keep your heels off the ground to gain good results. Thereafter, step backwards with your left foot and complete the first rep by bringing your right foot forward to join the left one. This movement will help in promoting your core strength, posture, balance, calves, outer and inner thighs as well as ankles.

  1. Bow and Arrow Lunges

Experts with adequate knowledge of how to get perfect legs by working out suggest the bow and arrow move for gaining swift results. Stand with your hands stretched out right in front of you at shoulder level. Then move forward by one large step with the help of your left leg. Standing in this position, steer your knees to form right angles and then lower yourself to try a forward lunge. Then, you need to push yourself through the left heel to revert back to the standing position. Thereafter, start rotating the right toes till they look towards the right; keep your right heel steady as you turn your right arm to move the right elbow in a position that lies across your chest and towards the right side. Keep your shoulders right above your hips, and lower yourself to the ground in a pile while bending both knees. Then, start pressing upwards through your heels, start turning your right toes towards the left direction, and extend your right arm towards the front to finish one rep; repeat 20 times. This move lengthens the quads, builds core balance and strength, and strengthens your thighs and glutes.

Now that you are aware of some of the better movements to get your legs in shape, you may want to check out the other exercises to chalk out a helpful program for yourself. Once you have a program ready, you may like to get in touch with a trainer to help you perform the reps in order. So, are you ready to start working towards getting the perfect set of legs without any ado? Start today.