Lavender oil is probably the most popular and notable of all types of essential oils. This can be attributed to the many benefits that you can reap from using it. Apart from it sweet-scented fragrance which makes it the perfect ingredient for cosmetic and perfume making, on an effect heightening scale, there are more than a million and one uses for lavender oil.

Before highlighting the benefits, let’s quickly travel back in time. We all know that back in the days, during the last two centuries, people lived healthier and longer than now- ask your history teacher in case you don’t know. Those were the days when herbal medicines were used rather than chemicals for nourishment of the body. One of those herbal remedies is lavender which is extracted via local steaming and distillation from lavender flower plant, hence, it is highly potent. You have the the old tradition to thank for this beauty and wonderful legacy:

Here are some of the numerous benefits you can get from using lavender:

Treatment for skin disorders caused by environmental pollution. The reward for technological growth is environmental hazard take it or leave it. The polluted state of the environment poses a lot threats to human health. Every now now, when you go out there, you are either exposed to harsh weathering or environmental hazards which causes damages to the skin.

A very big thanks to lavender oil for it effectiveness in remedying skin disorders. It contains vitamins E and C which fight against oxidizing materials and pollutants on which can cause potential damages to the skin. In a research study recently carried out by College of Medicine, Howard University, lavender impedes the growth of harmful organisms like bacteria on human human body.

Remedy for eczema: eczema can cause a very serious damage to your skin. To crown it all, for the most, even after therapy, it keeps coming back. However, you can treat it and eliminate the tendency of recurrence. Once again, thanks to lavender. Apply it the affected portion for a couple of days and that’ll really do.

Treatment for aging skin: If you consider aging skin as very embarrassing, guess what, you’re not alone in your sentiment. On a very bad note, it makes people look very ugly. Against this background, lavender comes handy. In contrast to chemicals and plastic surgery which can impact badly on human health over time, its ability to cure aging is impeccable.

Remedy for muscle strain: getting tired and worn after you’ve had a long day is one things you can stand- your muscles become strain and your entire body system needs rejuvenation. Lavender is particularly useful for treating torn muscles and body weakness resulting from being engaged in an energy intensive job. Just 4 spoonful drops of lavender oil in your shower during bath will completely relieve the pains.

Remedy for Insomnia: as time rolls by, the number of insomnia cases all over the world- in the United States alone more than 30% of the population from insomnia. Sleeping peels only compound the problem. Stress and anxiety are the major causes of sleeplessness. However, the big storyline is that lavender essential helps to reduce sleeplessness to the the bearest minimum. Including 4 to 5 drops of lavender in your tea will help relax your brain, thereby relieving you of stress and anxiety.