Are you interested in pursuing further studies in Sri Lanka and you aren’t aware of the best institutions you can to enroll in? Well worry not because you are just about to go through the list of top educational institutions in Sri Lanka. Apart from Sri Lanka just being a home to fabulous tourist destinations, it also provides you with top educational institutions that are well established and recognized worldwide. In this article, I will take you through various top educational institutions located in Sri Lanka that offer variety of courses.

University of Colombo

Founded in 1921, the University Of Colombo is the oldest and largest educational institution in Sri Lanka. It’s primarily located in the city of Colombo and majorly specializes in the fields of applied, natural and social sciences, mathematics, computer sciences and law. The university was once affiliated to the University of London during its inception in 1921 but over the years it has structured itself to a top notch educational institution in Sri Lanka and Asia at large. The University is currently ranked amongst the top ten universities in South Asia.

University of Moratuwa

The university is located on the bank of the Bolgoda Lake in Katubedda and it’s the most sought and renowned educational institution in Sri Lanka. The university offers both graduate and post graduate studies with more specialization in information technology, architecture and engineering. Apart from academics, the institution presents social and cultural activities, student societies plus sports and recreational activities that have made students from this university win several awards with the common one being the competitions for Google summer Code in the recent years.

University of Kelaniya

It’s a state university of Sri Lanka located just outside the municipal limits of Colombo, specifically in the ancient and historic city of Kelaniya. The university has six faculties, four institutions and two major campuses. The major faculties here include the faculty of science, medicine, social science, humanities, commerce and management and lastly the faculty of graduate studies.

University of Peradeniya

The University of Peradeniya is one of the state’s Universities in Sri Lanka. The university was established as the University of Ceylon in 1942 and since then it has established itself and now boast of having eight faculties, two postgraduate institutes, 73 departments, 10 centres and a massive 11,000 students. The university’s faculty’s include the faculty of medicine, Agriculture, Arts, Science, Engineering, Dental sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and the newly formed Allied Health science. The University claims the largest government donation because of its large stuff and faculties.

University of Ruhuna

Founded in 1978 by Dr. Nissanka Wijeyeratne ; the Cabinet Minister of Education and Higher Education by then, the University of Ruhuna is located in Matara and brags of having seven faculties with the major ones being engineering and Medicine located in Galle. The other faculties include Agriculture, Humanities, Social Sciences, management, Science, marine Sciences and Technology and finance.

University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Formed in 1958, the university is located in an amazing setting at Gangodawila, Nugegoda in Sri Lanka just fifteen kilometres from Colombo. The university is determined to transmit knowledge through research, teaching and scholarships. The university has five major faculties that includes the Faculty of Humanities, Applied Sciences and management Studies, social sciences and Commerce, Medical Sciences and Graduate Studies. The faculty of Medical Sciences is the youngest in this University but it has achieved phenomenal growth in just a very short time.

This country has many high class educational institutions and the above ones are just a few of the many but they are the top ones when it comes to ranking. To achieve your dream of furthering your studies in Sri Lanka all you need to have is the Sri Lankan Visas which can be applied online. Quiche your educational thirst by drinking from the fountain of knowledge inside the above educational institutions located in Sri Lanka.

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