When thinking about the actions to implement to promote a mobile application, one must always keep in mind the App Store Optimization (ASO). You probably have heard of SEO mobile apps,and you may have asked, “does it really work?” The answer is Yes! However, similar to SEO, ASO is a long-term investment that must be continually worked on to be successful.

The fact that you’ve built a great application does not make it appear suddenly at the top of the App store. This has never been the case. To achieve a top position,you must use the tools necessary to promote your app, but above all, you should review and utilize the  ASO Guide, in order to get top position for your mobile application.

What is the ASO?

The App Store Optimization as its name suggests, is a tool used to help get top position for your app. The main goal of the ASO is to improve the App Rank of your application relative to the different markets. However, keep in mind that all markets do not work the same. You will need to have a different strateygy for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

What Affects the ASO?

Similar to SEO, the formula forASO is secret. However, we do know some of the ingredients that will positively effect your ranking. With Mobile Action, you can optimize your app by looking at the following information:

  • App Name
  • App Screenshots
  • App Description
  • Keywords App
  • App Icon
  • App Reviews

Working through the media (Name, Description, Icon, Reviews) significantly increases the positions. Also, by improving all of the visuals (Name and Icon), it willhelp convince users to download your application. Not onlyis it important to have a good position, but also convinces users to download the app. Downloads will improve when landing on the AppStore, GooglePlay Store or WindowsStore.

You are miskatken to think that by fixing the above six items will solve everything. The truth is that increasingly downloads (and uninstalls) greatly affects the App Rank. It is recommended that you use the ASO and combine it with a good ad strategy. With inorganic downloads (which come from ads) you canimprove the App Rank and then get more organic downloads.

What we get with the ASO?

Better App Rank leads to more visibility which helps the mobile application get more organic discharges. It is proven that high rank can help downloads increase up to 40%. However, one-time is not enough. The App Store Optimization should be continually monitored with application update.  Ideally, this is every one to two months.

In the end, ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing mobile applications that allows them to appear in search results of an application store. The better the ASO positioning application, the app will be more visible to potential customers. This ultimately allows more downloads to occur in the App Store.The goal of the ASO is to attract more traffic to your application page on the App Store, which allows more downloads to occur.