Saving money from a long to be a proud owner of a car? The car is like a sweet dream that every person wants to get fulfilled. So, it’s matter of joy if this dream of your is going to meet a happy end. But wait! This happy end is only possible if you opt for the right car.

If you have made your mind to buy a petrol car, but are not sure which one to go with, then you’ll be pleased to know that you have just landed on the right page. This list about 5 best petrol cars of 2013 will help you in selecting the right one for you.


Tata Nano

Shocked to see it on the no.1 position in this list of top 5 petrol cars of 2013? If this is so, then the chances are quite high that you are not aware from this car. Tata Nana made its entry in the market in 2009, and has been a point of attraction since then. The car has got a damn low price tag and maintenance cost of the car is also very low. It has 624 cc 2 cylinder rear engine that provides power of 38 bhp@5500 rpm. Mileage is 25kmpl. Tata Nano is nothing less than a wonder in the car industry.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

This latest version of Alto does not need any introduction. Does it? The car has 796 cc 3-cylinder engine that offers of 46 bhp@6200 rpm maximum power. Alto has been winning tag of best selling car for past few years. This latest version of Alto is also following the same curve in the sales graph. The mileage of Alto 800 is 22.74kmpl.

Chevrolet Beat

If you give a high preference to outer look of the car, and are ready to compromise with the mileage a bit, then Chevrolet Beat is waiting for you in the showroom. Wait! Compromise with the mileage? 18.61kmpl is a good mileage. Isn’t it? It comes with 4-Cylinder engine that provides maximum power of 81bhp@6200rpm. Port De-Activation system and STEC II engine are also included in this car, which further enhance its feature set, and of course, your experience with the car. Chevrolet Beat is perfect (and rare) combination of mileage, look and power. Those who want all these three factors to be of top-notch, should go with this car.

Hyundai Eon

Yet another car with attractive outer look. The seats and paddy that make it good car to go on long drives. Mileage offered by this car is 16.7kmpl, which is bit low as compared to the ones listed above, but is not bad at all. 56bhp@5500 rpm is power provided by this car.

Chevrolet Spark

This car provides maximum power of 62.1bhp@5400rpm and 18.29kmpl mileage. 4-cylinder 995 cc engine and 5-speed manual transmission system are best parts of this car. The combination of all features of this car make it stand in this list of 5 best petrol cars of 2013.