Wrinkles and aging go together. There is no stopping wrinkles from appearing. Some get it sooner while some get it later. What is certain is that there will come a point in everybody’s life when aging will set in and wrinkles will show.

Your skincare regimen must constantly be adjusted in parallel with the changes happening with your skin. For instance, whereas ordinary moisturizers may be enough to care for younger skin, mature skin may require an Eminence Eye Cream.

The 7 Steps to Rid your Skin of Wrinkles Now

Unfortunately, anti-aging products need time to work even the slightest, visible and longer-term improvements to the appearance of your aging skin. When you only have overnight or a few hours to prep your skin and turn it from wrinkled to flawless, you will have to stick to just 7 steps to get smoothen out those creases.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin. Make it a point to rid your skin of impurities before beginning any regimen or treatment process. This not only rids your skin of dirt and bacteria but also clears the way for your anti-aging products to seep through your skin and do what these products do best to nourish it.

Step 2: Exfoliate. Give your skin a gentle exfoliation to prep it properly for a deeply hydrating treatment routine. Keep in mind that you have a very delicate, aging skin and you don’t need harsh exfoliants to damage it. Look for glycolic acid of lactic acid. These are alpha hydroxy acids that do not scrape off your healthy skin but only takes away the damaged layers so that newer, younger skin can surface to replace it. Besides, you don’t want to dry out and burn your skin on-the-spot right now by using harsh exfoliants.

Step 3: Deep hydrating mask. Follow through with deep skin hydration using a mask. A mask contains high concentrations of beneficial skin ingredients necessary for rejuvenation and repair. Leave on and use as instructed to harness it optimally for the benefit of your aging skin. Rinse off with lukewarm water only so as not to strip off the treatment.

Step 4: Apply your essence. Pack in more healthy skin nutrients and much needed hydration by applying your highly concentrated essence next. Use upwards, circular motion to incorporate the product well into your skin. Among the best ingredients that you can obtain from a high quality essence are antioxidants, peptides, moisturizers, moisture-promoting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10, ceramides and botanical extracts.

Step 5: Apply your anti-wrinkle products. Layer your serums and creams based on their thickness and consistency. Serums, which are generally lightweight, must be applied before your creams. Put on your face cream before applying your Eminence Eye Cream. Eye creams are often thicker than your face creams simply because your eye area requires more moisture to plump up and appear more enlivened.

Step 6: Correct your skin tone. Aging skin will have all sorts of marks all over it — wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, hyper pigmented patches of skin and blemish marks. Practically make these skin imperfections disappear by using a tone correcting cream. BB Creams are a great option. These are often infused with a combination of skin hydrating and correcting ingredients, and sheer cover up. It gives you smooth, even toned skin in an instant!

Step 7: Conceal. Some skin imperfections simply need more correcting. For which, a concealer still comes in handy. Take note that you may need several shades of concealers to make the trick work, and that need will depend on the shade of your problematic pigments.

If you have all night or several days to improve your wrinkled skin, sleep in for as much as nine hours and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Get on a fresh food only diet that mostly consists of freshly picked veggies and fruits to get dewy, glowing skin.

For more drastic improvements, treat yourself to a chemical peel, low level laser light therapy, skin rejuvenation treatment, fraxel or a bipolar radio frequency therapy. However, if you only have several days up to a week of prep time, you don’t want to go through any ablative or skin wounding procedure.


Skin aging shouldn’t make you hate your skin. There are ways for you to keep your skin beautiful at any age. All you need are seven tips and tricks to guide you.