There is a thrill when moving to another location. But packing up your whole house or apartment can be tedious and physically hard work.

The stress starts the day you start sorting things out and preparing yourself for the move.

Most Annoying Objects When Moving House

You should know that is is wiser to let go of some things and to bring with you only those items that are either too costly to replace, are of significant use, or have an emotional value.

It may initially seem like an easy task but as you go on, you inevitably find yourself having a hard time parting with anything.

Then, you also realize that some objects are just too annoying to deal with.

Here are five of the most annoying objects when moving a house.

1. Cardboard boxes

No one can argue that cardboard boxes are really helpful.

You need them when sorting your things and making sure everything is protected and properly packed.

What is most annoying is that these boxes may be expensive, and have no value after the move.

It seems impractical to spend $5 for every box, especially if you need a lot, but this is one of those things you cannot move without.

On top of that, you have to figure out what to do with them after you have moved.

It is hard to throw away an expensive item that easily but it would also be a hassle to keep the boxes unless you have a storage unit.

2. Hangers

It is funny that when you are moving out, you suddenly realize that there are too many hangers.

If you have too many clothes, this is quite logical.

But packing them can be a nightmare. On their own, they can take up several boxes, since there is no easy way to pack them and they have an awkward shape.

Your best best is to pack them with smaller items tucked into the nooks around them, and then fill the rest of the box with socks or other small clothes.

3. Chairs

It becomes tempting to just leave behind all your chairs because they are difficult to transport.

They don’t fit in boxes, and they don’t have straight edges which means they can get easily scratched.

It is difficult to stack them. And it is even more difficult to wrap them in protective wrappings like bubble wrap.

4. Electric fans

Who needs electric fans? You may argue that fans are useful, that’s why you want to keep them.

But packing them can be a hassle. Worse, to save space and make them easily transportable, you will have to disassemble each fan, a task that may be too tedious and time consuming.

And yes, you would have to find time to re-assemble them again when you get to your new home.

5. Garbage can

Should you just throw away your garbage can and buy a new one when you move?

It may be hard to say goodbye to it if it is still in good condition and it if you are using an expensive one.

But it could be a dilemma to bring it when you move as it would be hard to classify. Would you pack it along with your kitchen stuff?

Certainly, it would not go well with your clothes or books. It may be best not to pack it and just put it in a large bag separately.

Are you packing your things now to prepare for your move? You will definitely find some very annoying items to deal with during your move.

Decide now how you will deal with each of them. Who knows, you might not find them as annoying or even be able to add to the list.

Andrew has been working as a furniture removalist at for over 4 years. Andrew is also a keen blogger, who enjoys sharing his knowledge online.