Weddings are generally formal and luxurious affairs which probably accounts for why several brides often go for wedding gowns that are the next word in luxury.

Now some gowns are so expensive that they generally cause a little bit of panic when people see the price tags, but for some other gowns, their prices are simply so high that the message is clear; they are exclusive.

There have been several very expensive gowns in the history of the world and weddings but these are the most expensive and luxurious on record:

Top 5 Luxury And Expensive Wedding Dresses Of All Time

1.Diamond Wedding Gown by Martin Katz Jewelers and Renee Strauss

This gown is thought to be the most expensive wedding gown in modern history. It is valued at $12 million (Twelve million US dollars). Yes it made our hearts beat just a little faster too, but the gown is a masterpiece created especially for the Bridal Show celebration of 2006. Plus, the gown has over 150 carats worth of diamonds scattered all over it which probably accounts for the name.

2.White Gold DiamondWedding Dress

By Yumi Katsura and was created by the incredibly talented designer Yumi Katsura. The gown houses 1,000 actual pearls, an 8.8 carat emerald stone, and also a rare 5-carat white gold diamond. The designer also included a delicate zari embroidery stitched into the silk and embodied in satin. The wedding dress is valued at $8.5 million.

3. Vera Wang’s Peacock Wedding Dress

Made in 2009, the wedding dress is still the toast of the fashion industry for the ingenuity, creativity, and the evident craftsmanship involved. Apparently, the gown was made out of the feathers of 2,009 peacocks, a symbolic number, given the year of its production which was also 2009. The gown is valued at a whooping $1.5 million (one million, five hundred thousand US dollars).

4. Danasha Luxury Gown

This gown is a creation of Jad Ghandour, the fashion designer. The gown was unveiled in 2010 t the Miami Fashion Week Event. It was sewn with Taffeta but made even more luxurious by the rich pickings of 75 Carats diamonds from Antwerp in Belgium and also 250 grams of 18 carat gold. The gown was handmade and the jewels were painstakingly attached be hand. The gown is everything in luxury, design, and style. I simply love this dress style and recently ordered a similar dress from DressFirst which is absolutely stunning.

5. The Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

This gown was very recently made famous not just because it was worn by the then bride-to-be of Prince William, but because of its own worth. The gown was designed by designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The price of the gown was fixed at about $416,700. The ivory colored wedding gown was also designed with fine floral details that further enhanced its delicate and luxurious appearance. The gown has been viewed by many as  a symbolism of the United Kingdom because the bodice was decorated with thistles for Scotland, shamrocks for Ireland, Daffodils for Wales, and English and French Chantilly lace roses for England.

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