Being a mom is hard, but being a mom while trying to pursue a college degree can be even harder. You should be commended for wanting to pursue your dreams anyway, and need to be aware of all the tricks you can use to make your life easier during this endeavor. This guide will go over four tips that will help you balance parenting and earning a degree.

Top 4 Tips To Help Mothers Balance Parenting And Earning A Degree

1. Take Advantage Of Support

Whether it’s your family, husband, significant other or support programs through your college, take advantage of whatever kind of support and childcare you can find. Many colleges and universities, particularly grad schools, have support programs in place for students who are parents. Never be ashamed of asking for help – you have plenty of people and organizations that want you to succeed and will support you.

2. Consider Flexible Learning Options

Online degrees used to have something of a negative reputation, largely because of their association with for-profit schools that do not always provide a good quality education. However, more and more traditional colleges and universities have begun offering online degrees, like this master of nursing online. The credibility of the institution is more important than whether or not you earned the degree online. Because of advances in technology, a wider variety of online degree programs are now available. In addition, earning a degree online from home gives you more time to spend with your children. There are other options as well, such as online/in-person hybrid programs, as well as more flexible nighttime classes available for working or other non-traditional students such as yourself.

3. Make Sure Your Professors Know

Professors want you to succeed. If your family obligations are occasionally getting in the way of attending class and completing schoolwork, make sure to tell your professors. Most professors will be perfectly fine with granting you occasional extensions for assignments and e-mailing your homework to you. As long as you aren’t making excuses, are really trying and do complete the work, they will be very flexible and understanding.

4. Take Advantage Of Tax Breaks

Parents who are students can take advantage of educational tax credits and deductions as well as child tax credits and deductions. Make sure you’re aware of and take advantage of any break you can during tax time. Any bit of money you can save can go towards tuition fees, everyday living expenses or childcare costs while you pursue your degree.

Following these tips will make your life as both a student and a parent much, much easier. Pursuing a degree as a mother might be challenging sometimes, but very frequently it is worth it, both for your future earnings and career options and for your child’s future.