Achieving flawless skin is now possible with the aid of modern technology. While anyone can develop stretch marks, it’s a common myth that only women are prone to such a skin imperfection. The truth is, men can also have stretch marks. Regardless of age, anyone can fall victim to this skin problem, but it’s nice to know that there are many ways to eliminate these unwanted marks.

As Skinny Med Spa would suggest, before seeking stretch marks reduction treatment, it’ll help to know how they came about. The skin’s elasticity is the main culprit given the fact that it isn’t able to cope with elastic fibers. The most common body areas where stretch marks develop are the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, legs, breasts, and other areas that are prone to tissue loss or tightness.

Top 3 Treatments For Stretch Mark Removal

Pregnant women usually develop these marks because the skin stretches as the belly becomes larger. When the baby is born, the skin goes back to its normal state which leads to the development of stretch marks. Hence, a lot of mothers seek stretch marks reduction advice followed by treatments.

The Top 3 Choices

The following are the top 3 choices for removing stretch marks:

  1. Creams and other relevant treatment – these products are formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks but not completely eliminate them. These creams simply reduce discoloration and prevent the development of more stretch marks. You could purchase stretch mark removal creams from Skinny Med Spa.
  2. Natural alternatives – if you don’t want to use creams or undergo surgery, you can also use natural treatments.
  3. Laser and surgery – many people with serious or severe stretch marks often resort to these treatments for stretch mark reduction. Such treatments are performed in reputed clinics and facilities, such as Skinny Med Spa, to ensure the safety of the client or patient. In comparison to the two choices above, these treatments are expensive and can be invasive depending on your choice of procedure.

Natural alternatives are gaining popularity due to their cost effectiveness. For instance, you can use potato juice to restore and enhance the growth of skin cells. Potato juice contains minerals and vitamins, which help reduce stretch marks.

For darker stretch marks, you can use a mixture of natural white sugar, lemon juice, and almond oil. You must apply the mixture over the affected areas several minutes before taking a bath. In a month, you will see significant results.

To restore the skin’s elasticity, it is always recommended that you drink plenty of water. A hydrated body detoxifies the pores of the skin. You can drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, and be sure to minimize soda, tea, and coffee, as these drinks cause dehydration.

Other natural options are castor oil, cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, egg whites, alfalfa, and lemon juice. There are many videos and recipes of natural treatments for stretch marks. If these things don’t work, then it’s time to use creams or other relevant treatments that will suit your needs.

Surgery and laser treatments are often recommended to people wherein the stretch marks tend to affect an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Such procedures produce instant results at a certain price.  Fortunately for you, Skinny Med Spa provides a variety of skin care services to suit you needs.

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