Hair and hairstyles is something hard for almost every woman. You, like most girls want to look beautiful and in a fabulous hairstyle when going out for a date, church or just and about. Having that perfect hairstyle can be very tricky especially when you have limited time to spend on your hair. We present to you 10 hairstyles that you can do in less than five minute and still leave you looking beautiful and fabulous.

1. Braiden burn

This is a hot one. It is a simple side braid twisted into a burn yet it looks like something a stylist would put together. You can apply a little hair spray if need be, but otherwise it looks gorgeous.Fool everyone around you in to thinking you have become a hair guru with this one.

2. Top Knots

Top knots are perfect for both shot and long hair. They are quick to fix and still cute. Almost everyone loves them, maybe because they are easy and cute and keeps the hair off your neck, but it is not a ponytail. Top Knots are popular as they leave your hair looking fabulous in less than five minutes.

3. Half up criss-cross

This is a regular half up style. The style is usually done with a little pizzazz. This simple style can be done in less than five minutes yet it looks more complex than it actually is. All you need is a comb and some body pins. It is a perfect style for both long and short hair.

4. Low braided bun

This is ideal style for dirty hair. If you let your hair go for somedays without washing it, then this is the perfect style for you. Tease your hair at the crown down to the base, then wrap them around and then secure with pins. It is the easiest hairstyle style for girls to do.

5. Low chignon

This is just a simple bun. Chignon is another word for bun. Nothing complicated. All you need to do is to separate the two fronts sections out, then tease them from the crown to the base and lock the back with a bun. Then nicely envelop the front hair around the bun, leveling it out so that it all goes together.

6. Ballerina bun

This is a classic one. It might look intimidating at first, but they are so easy to do. Using a sock or burn enhance get the perfect round bun with your long layered hair. It also allows you to add a braid to dress it up a bit for a little more fun, but it could still do without the braid s and look fabulous. This gives you a perfect look. It is easy and anyone can do it.

7. Easy Updo

This is the best choice hairstyle for girls who have no time with the hair. It is a super easy hairstyle which goes well on all lengths. Although for long lengths you might have to get more creative to achieve that perfect look. It is easy and cute and can be done in a less than five minutes. It is the most ideal hairstyles for girls who are always busy.

8. A fun Ponytail

You will love this pony tail. This works well for long hair. It allows for a different twist on the everyday ponytail. It is very easy; all you need are hair elastics or rubber bands that match your hair color and an optional hair band. The best part is that; no bobby pins, no heating products and the style can be done in a breezy five minutes.

9. Side updo

This style might look harder than it is. It is so easy to do. All you need is to pin your hair to the side, then pull it and pin again. Don’t worry about it being polished; the messy part is what makes it quick. It works perfectly well for short hair. It is pretty and versatile and you can wear it may be for a church, a wedding or just out and about.

10. Half-up Dutch Braid

Half-up Dutch braid is a basic French ponytail but done ‘Inside out’; that is, instead of going over you go under, if that makes sense. It is just a simple change of braid in style and it is so cute. Simply pin the braid in the back with some hair from the other side and you are good to go. This gives you a perfect look.


Whether you have long, short or mid-length hair, you can now relax in the knowledge that you can take less than five minutes in making a hairstyle without betraying your beauty looks.