The fashion shows have concluded. The verdict is in. We now have a new set of shoe trends to look forward to this spring season. And I am pretty sure, all of you are already pumped up and beyond excited to discover what’s in and what’s out, what’s new and what’s old.

But no matter how exciting these trends can be, we cannot deny the fact that not all of them are designed to be worn by mere mortals (aka those who are not celebs, models, and famous people) like us. There are some designs that are just too complicated or uncomfortable to wear for us who ride the train very single day of our lives. That’s why we will not be focusing on those trends. Instead, we are here to give you a low down on the most wearable shoe trends that we have seen on the spring runways of 2017. Here are some of them:

1. Rounded Heels

Since almost all shoe designs unimaginable have already been invented and released for the past few years, the designers have no choice but to focus on heels when it comes to designing the trendy shoes for women. And we are not just talking about the different colors or designs in heels—we are talking about the different shapes of heels, and the most eye-catching one are rounded heels. This unexpected shape will indeed catch everyone’s attention and will be a breath of fresh air for the wearer.

2 Sandals with Socks

Can’t decide on what to wear during winter? Do you like to take advantage of the sexy look of stilettos and sandals but barring too many feet can be too uncomfortable for you? Well, the designers have the perfect solution for that—wearing sandals with socks. As a result, you can be able to create footwear that has the protection that a boot can give, the sexy style of a stiletto and the comfort of wearing socks. It’s like hitting three birds with one stone.

3. Boots with Socks

And the craze for socks did not just end there. That’s why one of the trendy shoes for women this spring season are boots with socks. This trend comes either as fused together or as separates. This is the best option for those who wish to take their boots to a whole new level. You can pair it with sequined socks, printed socks, and beaded socks to achieve the most trendy look.

4. Tights and Strappy Sandals

And it looks like the craze still continues because one of the trendy shoes for women is pairing sheer tights with your strappy sandals. All over the runway, we have seen models wearing all colors and designs of sheer tights under their different types of strappy sandals, from single strap to ankle strap. With the endless designs of both items, the sky is the limit for you.

5. Sock Boots

You already have seen socks worn with boots but this one, it is exactly like it is— pair of boots that looks like socks attached to heels. It may look weird, but we can’t deny it—this trend is a highly comfortable one! The designers went all out by creating socks boots in neon colors, striped patterns, and other eye-catching design.

6. Metallic Designs on Shoes

Well, we all like to shine, and it looks like it is the theme of most shoe collections this spring. It looks like the designers got addicted to putting a metallic spin on just about every type of shoe. In the spring runway, we have seen metallic ribbons on stilettos, metallic straps on kitten heels, metallic loafers, and even lighted designs on block heels! These trendy shoes can certainly turn heads around.

7. Open Back Shoes

We saw the rise of peep toes last year but this spring, it is the chance of your ankles to shine, thanks to open back shoes. The open back design paired with chunky heels and pointed toes are really to die for. Some designers even took things to a whole new level by mixing one trend with another by letting their models wear socks underneath their open back shoes.

Yes, these shoes are highly wearable, but of course, the designers did not sacrifice style for comfort, so you rest assured that donning a pair of any of these trendy spring shoes will make your beautiful feet stand out. Now, go forth and spread the good news!