Cocktails, like food and fashion, go through trends as the seasons change. In the summer sweet tastes are popular, with drinkers enjoying refreshing, fruity drinks with plenty of ice and lots of fruit. Mojitos are popular, as well as daiquiris, margaritas, and sweet juleps. But when the weather starts to turn and the clouds roll in, what are the stylish bars serving their customers? As people start to crave comfort foods and the winter brings the temperatures down, savoury cocktails are in vogue.

Toast Of The Season: Savoury Cocktails

Sophisticated Savouries

A savoury cocktail may not initially be your idea of a good drink. Surely, cocktails need to be fruity and sweet, right? A cocktail with savoury flavours seems a little too avant-garde. But cocktails that move away from traditional flavours are increasingly popular in the autumn and winter. At other times of the year, people who prefer savoury flavours and don’t have a sweet tooth look to these new ideas to satisfy their cocktail cravings. Cocktails are becoming more sophisticated and moving into categories that highlight specific flavour palettes – herbal, bitter, sour, spicy, umami, rich, strong, and smoky.

This savoury trend may come from Bloody Mary roots – this thick and savoury mixture of vodka and tomato juice with Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce is a non-sweet cocktail that has been popular with drinkers for years. A Bloody Mary is traditionally sampled over brunch or a late lunch.

Beets and Vinegar

According to chefs and celebrity bartenders, one of the most popular ingredients in cocktails at the moment is drinkable vinegar. The drinkable vinegar is expertly blended with other flavours to provide a rich and deep cocktail experience. Examples of savoury cocktails include a drink made from sparkling wine, bitters, cassis, and pomegranate. Other choices include Campari blended with herbs, roots, spices, and fruit peels or gin with beet juice, tonic water, lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Another idea is to blend gin, green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, egg white, mint sprigs, and lemon peel to produce a slightly bitter cocktail.

How to Serve Savoury Cocktails

Mobile cocktail bars are ideal if you want to host a party that stands out. Not everyone wants to spend time learning about new cocktails and how to make them, and it is time-consuming to set up your own bar for a party or event. If you want to experiment with different cocktails, get help from the professionals – particularly when savoury cocktails can be difficult to perfect. Set up a mobile bar with savoury cocktails this autumn to give guests something a little different. When hiring a bar service, you can discuss with the bar company what types of drinks you want to serve. Traditional and more unusual requests alike can all be met to provide you with a unique event experience. Check out the range of savoury cocktails and provide a few of them for your friends to have a truly eclectic drinks menu.