The squeaks and squeals from doors can be healed by following these simple steps-

1) Lubrication

To avoid the squeak you can spray some amount of lubricant on the hinges. Spraying also involves a strategy. You should not spray on the hinge but inside it. Take the mouth of the spray near the inside of the hinge and spray it well. Later on take a piece of cloth and clean the excess oil that is falling down. While this process have a look at the hinge pins. See if they are on their place attached to the hinge or not. If they are not in position use a hammer to keep them in place. This will help your door to open efficiently and smoothly. You can also spray some lubricant in the holes. Repeat this process every six months and keep checking for missing hinge pins.

2) Tighten Screws

Check all the screws if they are tight or loose. In case they are loose, they need to be fixed. You can tighten them by the use of screwdriver or electric drill or driver. Make sure it is on a low setting because it might damage the wood. But if the screw is out or stripped then you might consider getting a new one. But this time be sure it is longer than the usual one. So that it goes inside the wood and makes a place for itself. Using powdered graphite to lubricate hinges might not be such a good option anymore. It can turn out to be messy and ineffective.

3) Prevent Seizure

You might be getting home spray done or whitewash. It is important to protect your keyways. The spray if enters the key holes will object them to be damaged in an early way. You can cover your keyhole with a duct tape. This will prevent any further harm. Once the work is completed you can remove the duct tape and spray some amount of lubricant.

4) Latches

Latches also need lubrication. Spray nicely until you feel the latch is working smoothly and hassle free. This will not just keep the latch pefect but also increase the life of the deadbolt. You can do the same thing for door knob. Wipe out any excess oil with the help of a rug.

It is important for you to take good care of the latches that are working perfectly. Lubricating them will help them be that way for an extended period.  If in case you are thinking of renting or selling your home. You must take care of these small matters. They give a bad impression by making the home look old. But if you take care of these small errors the old home will also give a new feel.

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