Duct cleaning is something that easily slips one’s mind. They are quite easily forgotten. If a survey is conducted more than 90% of homeowners do not even remember the last time they had the thought of cleaning the vent, leave alone cleaning it. Cleaning air vents have its advantages, but they are noticeable only in the long run. Cleaning the duct and vent have not only health benefits, but also financial advantages as well. Cleaning the pipe not only reduce the electricity consumption thereby saving you on your monthly electricity bill but also improves the condition of the air system.

Air Quality

The only reason people think of cleaning the ducts and vents in their houses is to improve the air quality. Nowadays, houses have high-quality doors, windows and ventilation system. It does not allow pollutants to enter or leave the room, making it comfortable for the person using it. But, sometimes the pollutants enter our houses due to our negligence. Due to the difficulty in movement of pollutants across the room they tend to settle. This reduces the quality of air inside the room.

When you regularly clean your vent and duct, it helps you improve and maintain the quality of air indoors. When you clean your duct, you remove harmful fungus,  molds, and other microbes that infect the air system. Even if that is not the case then too duct cleaning does no as such harm to the quality of air inside your home.

Now, that you know the benefits of duct cleaning let us discuss how to do the same. It can be achieved by following two ways

  • Connect the ducting system to a high-pressure air suction hose. Pass it through the duct. Because of the pressure the air hose creates, all the pollutants and microorganism present are sucked out.
  • You can also use a large vacuum that is specially designed to clean the vent. It also comes with an attached brush that runs through the ducting and clean it before and after the suction to remove anything that is left behind after the suction.

If a trained professional is employed, both the system are useful in maintaining the level of purified and clean air in your house. A proper duct cleaning includes: cleaning registers, inside ducting, heating and ventilating system as well. Alongside if possible clean the heating system from inside as well.  Furnace fan must be cleaned at regular intervals as it collects a lot of dust and other macro-organisms due to centrifugal forces.

If your ducting system comprises of air conditioning and heat pump, clean the coils from inside and once they are clean, oil the edges as well. After properly cleaning the entire ducting system do not forget to spray disinfectants. It kills all the molds, bacteria and any other micro/macro-organism left. If proper cleaning in undertaken it takes a maximum of 4-5 hours.

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