Injuries can happen unexpectedly particularly while driving a car, working, or walking. As a result, many victims may only resort to seeking the help of a medical doctor to gain immediate recovery. While the latter is beneficial to an extent, injuries can sometimes take years to mend and if so, a victim’s mobility and mindset will also become altered. This is due to the amount of stress that is associated with the influx of medical bills and living expenses. Needless to say, without proper guidance, victims can be tempted to succumb to the pressure unaware of their entitled financial benefits. We consulted with a local reputable personal injury law firm, the Law Offices of Michael Pines, and compiled a list of ten questions you should ask prospect lawyers to help you figure out what your next steps are, and who would best represent your case should you file a law suit.


Why Should I Hire A Lawyer to Handle My Case? 
Although some victims may gain a small amount of leverage while trying to recover financial settlement on their own, retaining the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer will likely generate a better outcome.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer? 
A personal injury lawyer has knowledge of strategies used by insurance claim adjusters and can handle the challenges associated with denial of claims as well as the negotiation process.

If I Decide to Hire a Lawyer, Which Law Firm Should I Choose? 
It all depends on your preference. There are numerous law firms which handle personal injury cases but researching a law firm’s track record is recommended prior to retaining legal services.

How Much Will I Have to Pay for Legal Representation? 
Most law firms which handle personal injury cases will represent you on a contingency fee basis. The fee is typically one-third of your case’s settlement award amount.

How Long will the Settlement Process Take? 
Due to the variance of injuries sustained by victims, each case will vary. Some cases could take several years to settle.

Will I Have to Go to Court? 
Again, each case varies. Some cases may require a trial hearing. However, depending on the cooperation of the legal parties, case settlement outside of court is possible.

Is My Case Guaranteed a Successful Settlement? 
It depends on the case evidence and acceptance of the settlement amount offered.

How Much Will I be Awarded for My Injury? 
Upon acceptance of your case, a lawyer cannot give you an exact amount because of the altering of settlement amounts suggested during the negotiation process. However, a personal injury lawyer will do his or her best to negotiate an amount that is commensurate with your injury.

Will My Award Pay for My Medical Bills? 
Any liens that are pending against your case such as medical bills will be paid out of the settlement amount prior to paying you the balance.

What is an Acceptable Settlement Amount? 
An acceptable settlement amount is an amount that will cover lost wages during your time off work, your medical expenses, and compensation that will ease your mental stress.

The process of retaining legal help for a personal injury is highly recommended for anyone who feels that their injury has affected their mobility, financial status, mental competency, and enjoyment of life. Personal injury lawyers can help you receive all of the benefits that you deserve including peace of mind.